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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.10
  2. 1.11
  3. 1.12

Ever find yourself playing the game, maybe doing some building, and just WISH you could fly for a short period of time? Well, your players have probably felt the same way. This handy little tool lets your players fly for 30 minutes. You can use this item to sell in your shops, or even use as a reward for voting. (If you have a plugin that enables using custom items in kits, you could throw this FlyCard into a kit as well)

Once a player gets this card, all they need to do is right-click whilst holding the card, and away they go, 30 minutes of fly time. If a player has multiple cards, they can stack flytime by clicking each card. Once the time runs up they will be given a few warnings before their fly time stops.

NOW WITH COMBAT MODE (I guess I should explain this shouldn't I?!?)
If a player who is flying, hits/shoots another player, they will lose their fly time for a few seconds and be forced into combat mode while they participate in a fair fight. (This time can be changed in the options)

Skript [Tested with Bensku 2.2 Dev37]

Tested Spigot Versions:

What the FlyCard looks like

The message a player will see when they activate a FlyCard, as well as what the FlyBoard looks like

This skript comes with a built in scoreboard system. If you have your own scoreboard on your server, and prefer to use that instead, here are a few steps you can do, to use your own scoreboard.

1) Scroll down to line 203 (The header says "#! --- SCOREBOARD --- !#") and delete everything after that (You can also remove Skellett if you wish)

2) If you are using your own scoreboard the variable for remaining fly time is: {flycard::%player%::timeleft}

3) If you are using a scoreboard that uses PlaceholderAPI, first install the PAPI Skript expansion (run /papi ecloud download skript, /papi reload) and the variable for remaining flytime would be: %skript_flycard::{player}::timeleft%

4) If you are using Mvdw's FeeatherBoard, the remaining time variable would be: {skript:flycard::%player%::timeleft}

/flycard - Gives a fly card to yourself
/flycard <player> - Gives a fly card to a player
/flytime <player> - Lets players see their remaining fly time (Admin's can see other players' fly time)
/flyclear <player> - Clears a players fly time and fly mode
/flyboard - Toggles FlyCard scoreboard on/off
/flycheck <player> - Checks a players fly mode, whether or not they're flying with FlyCard or other means.

No permission needed to USE the card
flycard.admin - Allows access to giving cards away to other players, or to yourself if you wish to pop it into a shop or crate, permission for admins to use the /flyclear command ... This permission will also give the user a notification of updates on login

1) Install Skript on your server if you haven't already.
2) Install all dependencies as per plugin instructions.
3) Place Skript into the scripts folder under plugins/Skript/scripts
4) On line #12, put the name of your server in there.
5) Restart server or run /skript reload flycard

Please do not use reviews for help. If you post in reviews for support you will not receive support, as I can only reply to your review, and not have a conversation back and forth.

Please use the discussion area for support, I will do my best to help.

Feel free to donate if you would like :emoji_slight_smile: Any support helps out
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Latest reviews

Amazing scirpt, very useful & efficient!

This is very nice thank you for creating this, I can finally give fly to a specific member of my server! thank you again.
Thanks for the great review. Im glad you like it. I was stuck in the same situation as you, and wanted to create something to be able to set out certain times for flying.
Such a great skript. Tested out and worked perfectly, gave 4star because it should have couple more options. PM me if you want to hear them.

Thank godness you make skripts :-P Suggested to couple of my friends that hosts a survival server!
Thanks for your review, I appreciate it :) Im always open to suggestions.