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  • Step three in making this Skript a little more efficient. (Last step)
  • Removed all periodical events
  • Made scoreboard more efficient. A lot less flickering now. Still a bit, but I believe that is out of my control
  • Changed a few more colors to make it a bit nicer looking
  • Changed the overall look of FlyCard messages send when activating a FlyCard
  • Scoreboard now shows minutes and seconds remaining (Not just minutes)
  • Config option to turn of update checks
  • Added an option to check flytime of other players
  • Added more info to the /flycheck command (Whether or not the player is flying with flycard)
  • Added a reset to combat mode if the player dies
Upcoming Update:
  • I have no real ideas for updates, so If you guys have any thing you would like to see added, let me know.
  • Step two in making this Skript a little more efficient.
  • Removed periodical for scoreboard
  • Made scoreboard a little more efficient, removing most of the flickering
  • Added "Remaining Fly Time" in /flycheck <player>
  • Changed a few colors to make it a bit nicer looking
Next Update:
  • Fix scoreboard (Still some minor flickering during combat timeout)
  • Step one in making this Skript a little more efficient.
  • Removed periodical for checking fly time
  • Changed add-on for version checker (SkQuery --> Reqn)
Next Update:
  • Fix scoreboard (Some times may screw up on logout/login)
  • Fix flickering in scoreboard

- So during my testing I had it check if a player (myself) was hitting a sheep (since I had no players online to hit) And FORGOT to change it back to "player" .... OOPS!

Last update for a little while I PROMISE... sorry everyone!

- As suggested by Snow-Pyon, I have set the load/version check to load asynchronously

- Combat mode - Now if a player is flying and hits/shoots another player, they will enter combat mode for a predetermined time (default is 15 seconds) and lose their fly mode for this time. This can be disabled in the settings:
combatmode: true #Whether or not combat mode is enabled (true/false)
combattimeout: 15 seconds #The combat timeout you choose

- Support for a world change event. Whether a player goes into the nether or end thru a portal, or you use MultiVerse and warp to another world, the player's fly time will continue.

- Changed the command to see remaining time from /flycheck to /flytime


- Ever wonder if your players are using FlyCards to fly or if they are using hacks? Well now you dont need to wonder. Added in a command to check if a players fly mode is true or false. /flycheck will show TRUE if a player is using a fly card, if its false, that would mean they are hacking/cheating.

- Added a toggle-able scoreboard. When the player uses their FlyCard a small scoreboard will shop up on the side showing how much remaining fly time they have. This can be toggled with /flyboard

- If you use scoreboards for something else on your server, you can easily remove this scoreboard in FlyCard. Open up your flycard.sk file, scroll down to line #118 where it says # -- Scoreboard -- # and remove everything from that line down, BOOM DONE!

Please remember to review this resource, your feedback helps me make this Skript the best it can be.
- As requested by @Peivi, I have added stackable flytime. Meaning if you have 2 fly cards, and click them both, it will stack the flytime to 60 minutes.

- Edited the notification when you click a fly card, to show how much flytime you will have total when clicking more than one card

- Added an admin command to clear a players flytime and flymode

  • /flyclear <player>