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  1. S

    Script Optimized Flight Skript [22 Lines] 1.0

    *** REQUIRES SKBEE IF YOU WANT TAB COMPLETION.*** Short and sweet flight skript; Does what it says on the tin. Command usage: /flight(|f|fly) [<player>] [<true|false>] Examples: Options: keepFlightOnWorldChange - Keeps the player's flight state when they switch worlds. keepFlightOnDeath -...
  2. ShaneBee

    Script Fly Card 1.6.2

    Ever find yourself playing the game, maybe doing some building, and just WISH you could fly for a short period of time? Well, your players have probably felt the same way. This handy little tool lets your players fly for 30 minutes. You can use this item to sell in your shops, or even use as a...
  3. danielkp1234

    Flying Brooms skript

    Hello i want to make a skript where you can fly on a broom i found a 3d model with a broom it replaces iron horse armor someone help me so i can fly on the broom Category: Flying skript Suggested name: Broom Fly skript What I want: i can fly on a broom (texture pack iron horse armor)...