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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.12
  2. 1.13

Worlds allows you to create, unload and delete worlds with ease. Its a simple solution for Skript without the need for MultiVerse.

- Create worlds (Including name and environment type)
- Unload worlds (Temporarily unload a world)
- Delete worlds (Unloads and deletes a custom world from the list, but will not delete the actual file - You can delete this manually)
- Worlds List (See a list of all worlds and their environment type)
- Players in Worlds (See a list of all worlds and the players in those worlds)
- World Teleport (Easily teleport between worlds)

- Skript [Tested on Bensku's fork 2.3.1]
- Skript-Mirror [versions 1 or 2, see version notes below]

Due to some small changes between Skript-Mirror 1 and 2, I have packed 2 different versions into the .zip file, please use the appropriate version for your server.

Spigot/Paper Versions:
I have tested this on 1.13.2, but it should work on all versions that Skript and Skript-Mirror are supported on.

- /world create <name> <normal/nether/the_end>
- /world unload <world>
- /world delete <world>
- /world list
- /world players
- /world tp <world>

- worlds.create - Allows you to create a world
- worlds.unload - Allows you to unload a world
- worlds.delete - Allows you to delete a world
- worlds.list - Allows you to see a a list of all worlds
- worlds.players - Allows you to see which players are in which worlds
- worlds.teleport - Allows you to teleport to worlds

Coming soon
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Latest reviews

I've been using this script for a while now, and it still works perfectly with skript-reflect in 1.16.3! Thanks :)
Thank you for the kind review :)
Simple, clean and effective. Highly recommended!!!
Hey, thanks for the 5 stars :) Glad to hear you are enjoying it!