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  1. N

    How to spawn a mob in a specifihc multiverse world

    Im using the newest Skript and Multiverse version and I'm not able to spawn a monster like a husk in a specific multiverse world: The skript should spawn a monster every 1 second in every arena if the arena doesn't has 20 monsters or over. Like there are 10 arenas and every arena is a single...
  2. M

    Does Skellet's regenerator know which world it's in?

    If I have 2 worlds on my server (using multiverse) and I make a Skellet regenerator in one of them, will it always regenerate in that world? Or do I have to somehow specify the world in which it will regenerate? Thanks
  3. ShaneBee

    Script Worlds 1.0.0

    Worlds allows you to create, unload and delete worlds with ease. Its a simple solution for Skript without the need for MultiVerse. Features: - Create worlds (Including name and environment type) - Unload worlds (Temporarily unload a world) - Delete worlds (Unloads and deletes a custom world...
  4. I

    Creating a work with seed using Multiverse-Core

    Please help! Im trying to solve this for ages!!!! on skript start: set {uhc::game::started} to false wait a minute execute console command "/mv delete uhc_world" wait 10 ticks execute console command "/mvconfirm" set {uhc::game::world} to a random integer between 1 and 6...
  5. K

    Multiverse Player Counter Issue

    Hey, I just want to make a command that gives you informations about a certain world, like how many players are in that world like On command /winfo [<text>] to tell you how many players are in arg-1 ..and i don't know how to code this. Hava any ideeas?
  6. M

    Is it possible to get the amount of players online in a multiverse world?

    Skript Version: Skript 2.2 (dev25) Minecraft Version: 1.11.2 Is it possible to get the amount of players online in only 1 multiverse world?