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Script RandomTP 1.0

A simple random teleportation Skript for your server

  1. ShaneBee
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    An easy to use tool, for your players to randomly teleport around the world.

    This Skript has a lot of configurable options allowing you to adapt it to the needs of your server. Check out the features below.

    - Random teleports will not place you in water
    - Random teleports will almost always put you on the ground (sometimes in caves up on mountains)
    - Configurable max distances from the centre of your world
    - Configurable prefix and message colors
    - Configurable delays and cool downs for the RTP command
    - Configurable cost for RTP command (Default is 0)
    - Version checker, always keep up to date with the newest version of this Skript
    - Admin command to teleport other players to random spots, can also be used in console or in other plugins

    [Tested with Bensku 2.2 Dev37c]
    + Vault supported economy plugin


    /rtp or /wild - Teleports the player to a random location
    /rtp <player> - Teleport another player to a random location

    - rtp.use - Use the RTP command
    - rtp.cooldown.bypass - Bypass the command cooldown
    - rtp.delay.bypass - Bypass the command delay
    - rtp.admin - Teleport other players

    Things to do:
    - Add RTP signs
    - Add configurable blacklist/whitelist for blocks to TP onto
    - Add configurable blacklist/whitelist for biomes to TP into

    1) Install Skript on your server if you haven't already.
    2) Install all dependencies as per plugin instructions.
    3) Place Skript into the scripts folder under plugins/Skript/scripts
    4) Restart server or run /skript reload all
    5) Give player's the appropriate permissions

    Please do not use reviews for help. If you post in reviews for support you will not receive support, as I can only reply to your review, and not have a conversation back and forth.

    Terms of Service:
    You may not copy this resource and post it as your own.
    You MAY edit this Skript to suit your needs, but if you do choose to edit it, you may lose support.

    Please use the discussion area for support, I will do my best to help.
    I also have a private DISCORD channel for my Skripts.
    Feel free to donate if you would like :emoji_slight_smile: Any support helps out
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