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Script [1.11 - 1.12.2] ★ ChatCore ★ [► ALL IN ONE CHAT MANAGEMENT PLUGIN ◄] 2.2.0

ChatCore Is a feature heavy ChatControl like Skript that is being constantly updated

  1. 2.2.0

    Misc | Fixed incorrect version number
    Addon | Added Documentation at the beginning of the Skript
  2. 2.1.0

  3. 2.0.9

    Fix | Minor bug fixes
    Misc | Organised some of the code
  4. 2.0.8

    Addon | Disabled the Auto Updater completley as it was very buggy.
    If you had the auto updater update or Version 2.0.7.x i reccomend you delete the ChatCore file and replace it with this one!
    Fix | Fixed some errors with the skript.
  5. ( Patch )

    Fix | Another fix to the Auto Updater, sorry for the constant updates however it is in BETA so expect more. If you wish you can revert back to the last stable version which is 2.0.6 until the next stable update comes out. ( Should take a few days )

    Fix | Made a fix to the code for the auto updater, this would have been in a different update but it is quite important.

    Update 2.0.7

    Code (Skript):
    1. on join:
    2.     set {_Version} to line 3 from url "https://pastebin.com/FSjxR6jg"
    3.     if {_Version} is not {@Version}:
    4.         broadcast "&cYou are using an outdated version of ChatCore, please go to the spigot page and update to the latest version!"
  7. 2.0.7

    Addon | Added Auto Updater, now warns you if the Skript needs to be updated. You can also check by typing /chatcore:updater ( Aliases will be coming next update! )
    | Cleaned up the code by editing the clear chat command.

    ( Before Version 2.0.7 Update )
    Code (Skript):
    1.     Version: V 2.0.6
    2.     Warning: &7Clearing Entities In
    3. command /clearchat:
    4.   permission:...
  8. 2.0.6

    Fix | Fixed /clearmychat, no longer spams "Your chat has been cleared"
  9. 2.0.5

    Fix | Fixed Chat Formatter to now represent the Essentials / Basic Chat Format.
    New | Added a ClearLag module ( Early Development, may contain bugs )
    Misc | Changed Anti Advertisment and Anti Swear Module into "Blocked Words" Module that can be edited to your liking.
    Addon | Made it easier to find...