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  1. Equip

    Addon SkLogs 1.3

    What is this? This is an updated fork of the skript addon, Skript-Logs. This aims to provide easier usage of reading console messages in real time (including player ran commands) without the hassle of using skript-reflect and hippo. Relevant Links Documentation...
  2. MyuKEK

    Script Simple Enderchest Command Script 1.0

    Its an simple Enderchest Script Commands: /enderchest /ec /ecinfo
  3. Aidanete

    WarpsManager [Skript 2.2]

    WarpsManager Hello, I'm Aidanete and today I will show you my new and best creation at the moment. It's my biggest project and my favorite. What is WarpsManager? With WarpManager you can have in your hands the full control of warps, homes, a lobby, tpa, tpahere, back, sign-warp and the upcoming...
  4. F

    Script [1.11 - 1.14.4] ★ ChatCore ★ [► ALL IN ONE CHAT MANAGEMENT PLUGIN ◄] 3.2.0

    An alternative to Chat Control in Skript with more features coming RE-BRANDED BACK TO FROSTCHAT! FrostChat formerly known as ChatCore is a fully more stable upgraded and better maintained fork of ChatCore. Soon as ChatCore was my first Skript I did not have much experience with coding /...