WarpsManager [Skript 2.2]

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Active Member
Apr 11, 2017
Hello, I'm Aidanete and today I will show you my new and best creation at the moment.
It's my biggest project and my favorite.

What is WarpsManager?
With WarpManager you can have in your hands the full control of warps, homes, a lobby, tpa, tpahere, back, sign-warp and the upcoming features in your server.
All unified into a unique but well maded and tested script, also easy for anyone.
  • Works with 1.12.2
  • Warps, homes and lobby creation, deleting or teleporting
  • Tp request commands
  • Back command
  • Any of the commands can be disabled through the /wm toggle command, so you can select what players can do.
  • Select when players can or cannot use some commands (Not provided directly on the script)
  • Skript 2.2 [I tested with Bensku Fork]
  • /wm - main command, used to show the info of the script.
  • /wm help [page] - use to see all commands in list
  • /wm toggle [toggleable] - Toggle the use of some command/commands
  • /wm reload - Reload the script.
  • /setlobby - Places the lobby
  • /lobby - Teleports to lobby [Note 1]
  • /hub - Teleports to lobby [Note 1]
  • /spawn - Teleports to lobby [Note 1]
  • /setwarp - Set a warp
  • /warp - Teleport to warp
  • /warps - Shows up a list of warps
  • /delwarp - Delete any warp
  • /sethome - Set a home
  • /home - Teleport to home
  • /homes - Shows up a list of your personal homes
  • /delhome - Delete a home
  • /tpa - Request a player to teleport him to you
  • /tpahere - Request a player to teleport you to him
  • /tpaccept - Accept the last request sent to you
  • /tpdeny - Deny the last request sent to you
  • /placewarp [warp] - Gives you a rod to rightclick any block with it. That will make that block to teleport players when rightclicked to the last selected warp
  • /deletewarp [warp] - Gives you a rod to rightclick any block with it. That will make that block no longer teleport to any warp unless you place another warp again

  • wm.admin for any subsection of /wm
  • wm.admininfo for /wm
  • wm.adminreload for /wm reload
  • wm.setlobby
  • wm.lobby
  • wm.warp
  • wm.setwarp
  • wm.delwarp
  • wm.sethome
  • wm.tphome
  • wm.delhome
  • wm.back
  • wm.tpa
  • wm.tpahere
  • wm.tpresponse - For /tpaccept and /tpdeny
  • wm.placewarp
  • wm.deletewarp
  • wm.warplist
  • wm.homelist

Known bugs:

If you execute some of the commands before mentioned, and doesn't gives feedback. Disable and enable or simply enable to update the command. Sorry for the inconveniences, will be repaired in a future.

Any suggestions will be good to post them here: :emoji_thumbsup:


  • WarpManagerSk.sk
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