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  1. IViddyy

    Selecting A Random Player

    Hi im trying to make a command that when used selects a random player and calls them a nerd (example: [player] is a nerd!!!) but i dont know how to.I made a command that kinda works but idk how to send the name of the player.Here is the code i have currently command /nerd: trigger...
  2. S

    Wool Volcano

    Category: Fun Suggested name: Entity Volcano Skript Version: 2.2 dev25 What I want: I want to make the block/entity thrown like this Ideas for commands: /volcano play Ideas for permissions: When I'd like it by: A reasonable time
  3. KingDooms

    Script RPS Skript 1.1

    Skript made by me. Use /rps to check every command, there's also a guide there to learn what to do. This is just a fun skript that i made and since this is my first skript, expect bugs to happen. Requirement: - SkQuery 3.6.2 - Skript - Idk anything more lol
  4. A

    Sound from an minecart or armor stand

    Hello, I have a question, I'm looking for a way to play a sound effect when an armor stand or minecart passes by. In other words, a model in the shape of a roller coaster cart, and when he drives by he makes a moving cart sound. Is there a way to do that? I'd like to hear it from you...
  5. jaylawl

    Script Take a Seat [No add-ons] 1.1

    This script allows players in survival or adventure mode to take a seat anywhere they like to. The script is quite lightweight and will under no circumstances lag your server. Guranteed to work on Skript-dev36 and Spigot 1.12. No add-ons required. Due to the simple nature of this script, many...
  6. Georges

    Script ★ TicTacToe ★ v 2

    Required dependencies: - skript v2.4.1 - skent 1.9 - SkQuery 3.6.5 - skript-yaml 1.3.2 - skbee 1.1.0 one command /tictactoe or /ttt - Commands / ttt invit <player> / ttt deny <player> / ttt accepted <player> / ttt see <player> / ttt delete <player> / ttt setup /ttt spectate <player> -...
  7. F

    Script Simple Essentials Pro [ ★ Still Being Maintained! 1.12.x - 1.14.x ★ ] 1.14.1

    Simple Essentials is an Essentials Skript aiming to be better then all the other ones on Spigot. Currently it is no where near a good standard and is currently in Alpha stage with HEAVY Development. This is currently my main project and I will try to be pushing out frequent updates. Be sure to...
  8. F

    Script [1.11 - 1.14.4] ★ ChatCore ★ [► ALL IN ONE CHAT MANAGEMENT PLUGIN ◄] 3.2.0

    An alternative to Chat Control in Skript with more features coming RE-BRANDED BACK TO FROSTCHAT! FrostChat formerly known as ChatCore is a fully more stable upgraded and better maintained fork of ChatCore. Soon as ChatCore was my first Skript I did not have much experience with coding /...
  9. Doctor Who

    Addon Netrozor | Magic Skript API 1.0

  10. DonaldTrump

    Bottle Flip Challenge in Skript

    Category: Fun/Games Suggested name: BottleFlip What I want: Something that could mimic the mechanics of the "Bottle flip" shown in this video: in which the youtuber used only commandblocks, but I need it entirely in skript, using whatever addon (but trying to avoid umbaska). I just need the...
  11. LimeGlass

    Script MasterMind - A GUI game 1.3

    MasterMind v1.2 By LimeGlass The idea behind the game is for the player (the code-breaker) to guess a secret code which will be randomly generated every game. The code-breaker will makes a series of pattern guesses - after each guess you will get feedback depending if the colour is in the...