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Script MasterMind - A GUI game 1.3

A GUI recreation of the game MasterMind in Minecraft

  1. LimeGlass
    MasterMind v1.2
    By LimeGlass

    The idea behind the game is for the player (the code-breaker) to guess a secret code which will be randomly generated every game. The code-breaker will makes a series of pattern guesses - after each guess you will get feedback depending if the colour is in the correct location. The number of pegs that are the right colour and in the correct position, will determine if the player has won or not.

    Skript addons needed:
    • SkQuery
    • Place MasterMind.sk in plugins/Skript/scripts then restart the server or type /sk reload MasterMind

    Main command:
    Permission: mastermind.use

    • Suggestions taken
    • Add a almost found option (White tag for guessing)
    You can add more colours if you wish to increase the max difficulty. Simply add more colours to the {mastermind::data::*} variable.
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