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  1. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Jul 18, 2020
    Hi everyone,

    I'm pleased to announce the launch of the skUnity Developer Programme! Designed to help promote developers and their content across skUnity, provide support and additional tools to developers.

    For more information on the programme, take a look here: https://forums.skunity.com/threads/application-template.12132/

    Many thanks,
  2. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Jan 27, 2020

    Updates to the skUnity Docs
    Hi everyone,

    I've been adding some cool new features to the skUnity Docs! Here's a rundown of what's new and how to use it:

    skUnity Docs Progressive Web Application

    A Progressive Web Application (PWA), is a fancy way of having an app like program but using only JavaScript, HTML and CSS. The browser makes it look like a normal program.

    The skUnity Docs are now a PWA. You might have noticed it already! It varies a lot by the browser on how it's presented and what's supported. On Chrome for Windows, a plus in a circle will appear on the right side of the URL bar. This will then prompt you to install the skUnity PWA. On Android and iOS, you need to use the Add to home screen button dependant on your browser. This will add the skUnity icon to your home screen and with Windows, you can use search to find the skUnity PWA.

    The docs should work when you go offline, although there is an issue with them not loading when offline which is something I look at resolving.

    Syntax element Minecraft version support

    You're now able to set what versions of Minecraft each syntax element on the skUnity Docs supports. You can define the versions of Minecraft your addon supports via the Docs My Addons Page. There you have the option to apply the selected options to every element registered with your addon. And when a new Minecraft version comes out, you can add that version to every element while keeping the specific version support for the elements.

    When creating a new element, you'll have the option to choose the versions it supports, or if you have selected the versions on the My Addons Page, the Docs will apply it automatically. The element Edit Page also provides the option to select the supported...
  3. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Dec 7, 2019

    Hi everyone,

    Since the release of the skUnity Parser over a year ago, we haven't ever changed what addons are supported by the Parser. I am now looking at reviewing all supported addons by the Parser. This will include adding in any new addons or addons missed from the launch but also removing any that really aren't needed. I will also be refreshing addon syntaxes

    Here are the currently supported addons by the skUnity Parser:
    - MundoSK
    - SharpSK
    - skDragon
    - Skellett
    - SkQuery
    - Skungee
    - skUtilities
    - SkWaze
    - TuSKe
    - Vixio
    - WolvSK

    Please reply below with what addon you would like including and link to the Resource page. Not all addons will be added, but I will review every single suggestion.

  4. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Aug 24, 2019
    Hi everyone,

    There is a new Parser Experiment now live! Collaborative Editing allows you to edit your skUnity Parser Pastes in realtime with others. This is a very expansive Experiment and does enable you to easily collaborate with others.

    I've begun adding User Profiles. Currently, the only way to access them is by clicking a user under the "Connected Users" section of the sidebar when editing with someone. They're still a work in progress but will be fleshed out in the coming weeks.

    How to enable it
    Go to the skUnity Parser, make sure that you're logged in and then click the Settings cog on the sidebar. Click the Parser Experiments button and you'll see the new Collaborative Editing button. Click that! Once you click Enable Experiment the page will refresh and Collaborative Editing will be enabled.

    I'm not seeing anything different...?
    Collaborative Editing will only work on your Pastes. So you'll need to head to a Paste of yours.

    I've given the link to my friends, but it's not working.
    You'll need to add them to the Paste using the User Management section. Click the Settings cog in the sidebar. Scroll until you see "Manage specific users". Once clicked, type in the username of the people you'd like to add and tell them to refresh the page.

    Unless the Paste is private, if a user has been given Edit permissions, then they can edit it. If you have disabled the Collaborative Editing Experiment then it will be disabled for people who access your Paste.

    How does saving work?
    Saving works as normal. When any users who are connected edits the Paste, the skUnity Parser will save as normal.

    Why add this when Google Docs does this?
    Google Docs and other realtime editing sites don't provide the tools that the skUnity Parser does. You'll get Parse results when anyone updates the content.

    Where can I give feedback?
    You can reply to this thread, PM me on here or on Discord...
  5. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Jul 11, 2019

    skUnity API v2 - the official roadmap
    Hi everyone,

    Last Friday, I posted on the skUnity Discord about the next development project for skUnity; skUnity API v2. I have decided I'll post this thread as an official way of showing what the intentions are, potential release dates and information regarding the DocsAPI.

    Just to clarify the naming:
    Currently there is the DocsAPI which is accessible via the Docs Admin panel: https://docs.skunity.com/admin/api. DocsAPI is its official name, however, the URL itself and others do refer to it as the skUnity API. To prevent confusion between the two, the new API will be called API v2 and branded as skUnity API (skUAPI/skAPI). The branding also refers to the panel to access API v2. This means that if any other versions of the skAPI are released, it will follow a version order, eg, API v3, API v4.

    Intentions for API v2:
    A set of new endpoints which include:
    • Reviewing the current DocsAPI endpoints, changing/improving them, and transferring them over to API v2 and creating new endpoints if needed
    • Access to the Parser (rate limit will be implemented)
    • Connecting with the Forums with access to skUnity Resources
    • Utilising the skUnity Downloads page
    I hope that the implementation of these new endpoints allows everyone to utilise skUnity for tools to help the Skript community.

    skUnity API Panel:
    One of the changes planned for the new API setup is the introduction of the skAPI Panel. The panel will contain all API endpoints with detailed information on what each one does. There will be tools to help you test and monitor your applications that use the API. For example, being able to review recent calls and see details as to what data was provided and returned to help with debugging.

    Planned timescale:
    Currently, the planned release for skAPI and API v2 is by the end of October. I've set this deadline as...