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News skUnity Docs Updates

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by BaeFell, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. BaeFell

    BaeFell I'm Poppy

    Nov 27, 2016
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    Updates to the skUnity Docs
    Hi everyone,

    I've been adding some cool new features to the skUnity Docs! Here's a rundown of what's new and how to use it:

    skUnity Docs Progressive Web Application

    A Progressive Web Application (PWA), is a fancy way of having an app like program but using only JavaScript, HTML and CSS. The browser makes it look like a normal program.

    The skUnity Docs are now a PWA. You might have noticed it already! It varies a lot by the browser on how it's presented and what's supported. On Chrome for Windows, a plus in a circle will appear on the right side of the URL bar. This will then prompt you to install the skUnity PWA. On Android and iOS, you need to use the Add to home screen button dependant on your browser. This will add the skUnity icon to your home screen and with Windows, you can use search to find the skUnity PWA.

    The docs should work when you go offline, although there is an issue with them not loading when offline which is something I look at resolving.

    Syntax element Minecraft version support

    You're now able to set what versions of Minecraft each syntax element on the skUnity Docs supports. You can define the versions of Minecraft your addon supports via the Docs My Addons Page. There you have the option to apply the selected options to every element registered with your addon. And when a new Minecraft version comes out, you can add that version to every element while keeping the specific version support for the elements.

    When creating a new element, you'll have the option to choose the versions it supports, or if you have selected the versions on the My Addons Page, the Docs will apply it automatically. The element Edit Page also provides the option to select the supported version for that specific element.

    The versions that are supported are shown above the pattern when viewed. You're able to click on them to perform a search for all elements that support that specific version. Search also supports versions and will detect them automatically. For example:
    "armour stands 1.14" will return any elements that are related to armour stands and are supported for Minecraft 1.14.

    In-line Docs element editor

    To help provide easier ways to update your syntax elements, authors of their addons will be able to edit the addon directly on the Docs Syntax Page. The tool is currently being tested by staff as it might need tweaking, but so far, it's looking good!

    I love working on skUnity and providing new features. If you have any suggestions to help with Skript, please give me a shout! And to addon developers, if you need something to help manage your addon, again, please tell me!

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