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Welcome to new skUnity.

This downtime was for more than just maintenance and a small update. I've been keeping a big secret from most of the community. I'm super proud to announce the release of new skUnity. For a long time, skUnity's web service has been slow, outdated, and lacking. This is changing today. Over the last 2 years, I've been building a brand new backend and focusing it. SkriptTools was the first to receive the update and now skUnity. It's taken over a year of on-and-off solo-development to create something I was proud of. Many members of the skUnity community have helped me take what was good from skUnity and improve it. I am so happy with the final result and cannot wait for more that is created for skUnity.

The current skUnity was built nearly 6 years ago. Wrong had started the development of a new set of skUnity Docs, he lacked the time to spend on skUnity and I took over. skUnity Docs were built and launched, they worked perfectly. However, we ran into some technical debt. The setup of the skUnity Docs meant that adding new features had significate impacts on loading times. Then the Parser got added which had more of an impact. We kept adding features and services to a setup that just wasn't designed for it. There wasn't a proper structure to the code nor the ability for the code to scale. New skUnity runs a custom-built framework designed to run well with what skUnity requires. It's easily extendable and gives us great control on the future of its development.

With new skUnity, we're bringing you a new, freshly designed front end. This frontend took a lot of time to get right, and a huge thank you to @Moderocky for funding the development of the front end. The entire backend codebase has been built from the ground up and is now designed as a proper web application and is much smoother all around. We've looked at every part of skUnity and refined every part of the experience. Keeping the goods bits and discarding unneeded features. The skUnity Docs stay loyal to the original layout that they're iconic but we've completely overhauled the skUnity Parser. You're now able to have multiple file tabs open at once, easily manage your files and do so much more. The skUnity Parser also features a new design to keep it in line with the rest of skUnity. There are some exciting features already in development for the skUnity Parser. The skUnity Forums have been upgraded for a smoother experience and also feature a new design. skUnity finally matches across all of our services. There is a known issue with Premium Resources not being purchasable, but we are working on resolving this. I want to give a huge, huge thank you to @sambish_ for helping out with the skUnity Forums and helping guide me with the development of the rest of skUnity.

I'm so excited for you to all enjoy skUnity once again. We've got more updates planned and with our new setup, it's easier for us to build new features. Thank you to all the staff members for their help with feedback and on skUnity. @TPGamesNL and @Kiip you've been super with giving so much essential feedback. @ayhamalali @APickledWalrus @Sovde @nylhus and so many others have helped me out so much.

Please provide feedback about new skUnity in #skunity-meta or drop me a DM. I'm all ears.

All I can say now is,
Welcome to new skUnity -
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