[SKRIPT BSE] Better Shulkers Extension (BSB extensions)

Script [SKRIPT BSE] Better Shulkers Extension (BSB extensions) 0.2

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eult, cheezburga, Fusezion
Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.17
  2. 1.18
  3. 1.19
  4. 1.20
This is a BSB extensions

Requirements: Skript 2.7+ and SkBee 2.9.0+

Better Shulkers Extension! [SKRIPT]

Is it getting tiring to have to open your shulker box every time you want something from it? The Living Shulker Box is the perfect solution for this! It gives you the possibility of using and storing items inside shulker boxes AUTOMATICALLY without needing to open the shulker box. The Living Shulker Box is the perfect companion for your inventory management. It eliminates the need to manually open shulker boxes, making inventory management more efficient and faster. It also reduces the time it takes to access items stored in shulker boxes.
  • Automatically store the item in the shulker box upon pickup without placing it
  • It will fill players' hands as they consume and place events
  • And more!
video of the skript
You are free to share and modify this resource as long as you:
- Give credit to the original creator
- Do not use it for commercial purposes

if you experience any problems, let me know on discord eult
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