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  1. Ronnoc2w

    Solved Add variables to variables

    Hello guys I wanted to make a token system but I cannot add a custom number to a variable :/ Here is my code: (Problem in line 9) command /eco [<text>] [<text>] [<text>]: trigger: if player has permission "" or "tokenapi.*": if arg-1 is set...
  2. A

    HolographicDisplaysAddon | hologram visible default

    Hello, I need help with Hologram visible default, I cant understand their syntax. I wrote this, but it doesnt work. I need to disable it. set {_hologram} to visible by default of the hologram {_hologram}
  3. T

    Solved Clicker Not Working (Variables)

    when I do /bal even after clicking with the button it shows <none> anyone know? Skript: options: money: 0 price: 10 command /start: trigger: if {start.%player%} is not set: send "&b---Start---" give 1 oak button named "&b&lClicker Button" to player...
  4. C

    How to set a block to a block name stored in a variable

    Hi! I want to set a block to another block which is stored in a variable. This is the line of code ive tried: set block at location of block to {block} The location of block is the location of a block which was broken because what i want is a system where when a block is broken, its gets...
  5. P

    if {mana::%player's uuid%} is more than {@1}-1:

    Hey. if {mana::%player's uuid%} is more than {@1}-1: It's not working and there are 0 errors.
  6. T


    What i want is that it says 1,000 instead of 1000 in my variable {gold::%player%} I found this skript: but how do i make it work for my variable? function spaced(n: text) :: text: set {_s::*} to split {_n} at "." if {_s::*} is not set: return a({_n}) else: return...
  7. G

    Skript MySQL with SkQuery

    English/Englisch: Hey, I want to connect my scripts to MySQL. I know how it works. But I have a problem. If I reload or stope and start with my server, all variables are deleted from the cloud system what is wanted, so that the map resets and all old data is loaded. So I would like to take...
  8. NCSGeek

    Solved Help with decaying list values

    Full script: Hello all! In my script, im looking to have values in {%player%-tpa::*} be removed from that list after a given amount of time. Im not quite sure how to go about this, however. Above is my current script. I have no addons installed, and I'm on...
  9. L

    Enchantment level through variable.

    Hello :emoji_slight_smile: I'm using a function through a GUI to declare the level of an enchantment, but this variable can have a lot of different values (from 0 to 36) and I wouldn't be able to list every single enchantment on the code, therefore I have to use this code: enchant {_p}'s tool...
  10. TheBlazeTuber

    Solved Adding coordinates to set variable

    Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 Full Code: if player has permission "tbt.wands.netherwand.arrowrain": if name of player's tool is "&4Nether Wand": cancel event if line 1 of lore of player's tool is "&4Arrow Rain": set...
  11. Skaya

    Solved Replace <none> variable

    Hi, Is there a way to Replace the default Skript <none> variable? Thx Skaya
  12. Duetro

    Skript "Variable save thread" error

    [14:40:50] [Skript variable save thread/ERROR]: #!#! [14:40:50] [Skript variable save thread/ERROR]: #!#! [Skript] Severe Error: [14:40:50] [Skript variable save thread/ERROR]: #!#! Exception in thread Skript variable save thread [14:40:50] [Skript variable save thread/ERROR]: #!#! [14:40:50]...
  13. A

    Help with variables

    Which are the differences between {xp.%player%} and {xp::%player%} ? I don’t understand
  14. A

    Solved Transfer variables from skript to skript

    I have a skrip with a variable {xp.%player%} but I need the same variables for another skript.... is possible to import it? In case, how to? Ps sorry for my bad English
  15. H

    Solved Teleporting Players to a Location Saved as a Variable

    Skript version and author not applicable. I'm trying to teleport players in two different arrays to a location saved as a variable, but the players are not being teleported. Can someone please tell me why this portion of my Skript isn't working? Thanks! (I've already added players to the...
  16. CreeperOverLord7

    Solved How to detect last in a list variable?

    Basically what the title says, is there a way to detect the last number in a list variable? So for example, I have "Line 1" stored in {example::1} and "Line 2" stored in {example::2}, and so on up to 10. Is there a way to make Skript detect the max is 10 and make it use the value somewhere...
  17. FUZIK

    Solved variables

    how difference between ""delete {list::*}" and "clear {list::*}"?
  18. PotatoGoesMoo

    Solved Changing name of player's held item?

    Hey all, I need help with changing the name of the player's held item. I've tried this with quotation marks in all different places: on rightclick with lead: set {_item} to player's held item add "{display:{Name=Hey}}" to nbt of {_item} But that doesn't seem to work. I don't get any...
  19. T

    Solved Variable inside a variable?

    Skript Version: latest stable version Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 Hello there, As I described in the title, I am attempting to use a variable inside another variable. I know about {variable.%player%}, but here I think I need something more specific. Anyway, here's my code...
  20. Selvati

    User Specific Inventories

    I know this should be in the request section, but I don't feel that gets looked at enough anymore, so if you've read this far, please do continue and allow me to enlighten you. I am trying to recreate what I like to call Adaptive Inventories, to dumb this term down, inventories/gui's that will...