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  1. T

    Setting items from variable

    I've problem with these: set {glowa.%player%} to helmet of loop-player It takes only type of helmet so variable contains e.g. "chainhelmet" it doesn't contain durability or enchants. It should but i have no idea how to do it. set helmet of loop-player to {glowa.%player%} It completely doesn't...
  2. P

    Solved Why is it not working?

    variables: {case} = false {jutalom} = 0 command /case: trigger: if {case} is false: if player's money is more than 9999: set {case} to true remove 10000 from the player's balance broadcast "&5A mágusraktár áldás...
  3. P

    Solved Variables can't hold strings?

    I have this code: on damage: if attacker's tool is a blaze rod named "&5Varázspálca": if {B.%attacker%} = tuz: if {J.%attacker%} = ures: ignite victim for 5 seconds if {J.%attacker%} = tuz: ignite victim for 5 seconds...
  4. M

    Way to cut/sub a string? This should be simple...

    Let's assume I have this code: set {specialString} to "This is a special string" How can I get the last word in that string and set that to a variable?
  5. F

    Solved Random Block in Loop Radius

    Hey! I've been trying to make a skript, but I ran into a problem that I can't solve. (Been using skript for about 2 weeks) How could I loop blocks in radius 5 of player and then select a random block from the looped blocks and I used "on any movement:" from SkQuery, but I'd like to change that...
  6. F

    Variable Server Name

    Hello, Is there a variable for the name of the server The Server name is in the "server-name=Test-1" Thank you FridiousHD
  7. SoMuchWessel

    List Variables -- Not working

    Hey guys, i did some testing, and i came up with this: on rightclick on sign: line 2 of the clicked block is "test": line 3 of the clicked block is "1": add player to {team::blue::*} #blue execute console command "warp test1 %player%" on rightclick on...
  8. Kamino_Ramos

    Sort variables list by value

    I want to create clan top based on kdr for my clan system. on death: add 1 to {clans::points::%{clans::players::%attacker%}%} # this would be {clans::points::tag of attacker's clan} remove 1 from {clans::points::%{clans::players::%victim%}%} # this would be {clans::points::tag of...
  9. B

    Using variables from function return

    I would like to stop the skript if a permission is negative, but I don't know how to check a value from a function return :emoji_frowning: Her's the code, the real code is more complicated, but I let only the important things, to let you understand it. That's why you could thing that I don't...
  10. J

    Solved HELP - Lists not working!

    Hi! Look at this: command /sounds [<text>] [<text>]: trigger: if arg 1 is not set: send "&d&m---------------------[ &9Sounds &d&m]---------------------" send "&a&o/sounds &7- &6&oShow this help page." send "&a&o/sounds list &7- &6&oList every sound...
  11. YourMCAdmin

    Solved Nesting variables within option nams

    Skript Version:2.2-dev23 Skript Author:Bensku Minecraft Version:1.11.2 Bare with me here when I try to explain what I mean and what I'm doing. I want to know if it's possible (or if anyone can think of a work around) to use a variable later in the code to call an option. As you will see I'm...
  12. Kamino_Ramos

    Chat placeholders, possible?

    I want to create my own clan system, and everything seems pretty clear but one thing, clan tags in chat. Idea is, similar to SimpleClans, leader of clan can choose clan tag, maximum of 3 symbols (color codes not in count), and this tag will be displayed near nickname of clam members, and if...