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  1. SuperRcraft

    Variable Problems

    command /lootbox [<string>] [<string>] [<string>] [<string>] [<string>] [<string>] [<string>] [<string>]: permission: skript.lootbox.admin trigger: if arg-1 = "create": if {lootbox::list::*} does not contain arg-2: add arg-2 to {lootbox::list::*}...
  2. Kaff

    How can i use Skript variables in another plugin config?

    Basically, i want to use one of my Skript variables in the config of a plugin of Scoreboard. And i'd like learn to use a plugin variable into a Skript also. Is there a way to use a variable Skript in another plugin?
  3. S

    Solved How to send a variable in chat?

    Hello everyone! I'm working on skill upgrade and I need to see how many xp I have, but I don't know how to send variables in chat :( command /alchemy_xp: trigger: send "{%player%_alchemy_level}" to the player send "{%player%_alchemy_max}" to the player send...
  4. R

    More than 1 entity selected

    command /near: trigger: loop mobs in radius 5 of player: set {target} to loop-mobs remove player from {target} set {Place} to {target}'s location if {target} is set: teleport {target} 10 above {Place} delete {target}...
  5. xWires

    Solved Removing an element from a list variable not working properly

    When I remove an element from a list variable, instead of deleting the element, it is just set to <none>, so if you remove the first element of a list with delete {testlist::1} and use this code to look at the list of variables: loop {testlist::*}: send "%loop-index%. ""%loop-value%""" it...
  6. S

    variable in option

    options: Cooldown1: "%{dashCD::%player's uuid%}%" on swap hand items: cancel event if {Dash::%player's uuid%} > 0: set {_u} to {_p}'s uuid if {dash.last1::%{_u}%} is set: set {_wait1} to difference between {dash.last1::%{_u}%} and now else...
  7. T

    Solved Way to make skript more efficient

    I have made this code to make a random string of letters however it is very laggy. I am wondering if there is a way to make it better. command /genstring: permission: the77event.captcha trigger: set {id::*} to "A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G", "H", "I", "J", "K", "L", "M", "N"...
  8. M

    Solved Variables getting reset on every while loop

    Hi, I've set up a simple counter that increases a variable's value by 1 every second. However, it seems that the variable is set to null every start of the while loop. What's weird, though, is that the counter does seem to save while in the while loop, but anything outside the while loop or at...
  9. sluhtie

    Most performant way to save data

    Hey, so I'm trying out for a while now what would be the most performant and efficient way to save player data. I came up with 4 different ways to do so. But now I wanted to ask what you guys think is the best way to do that. I sorted them from most performant to most unperformant. Method 1 -...
  10. KingDooms

    Results not set even tho they are?

    So making a random critical skript was kinda breaking, but at this point, idk what's wrong. {RandomCritDamag::%player%} is set as 110. A command telling the results says 110 but when actually using it with %attacker%, it doesn't work and it says it's not set. Code: - Not working: variables...
  11. Mjatt_

    Players name as variable

    Hey there, I'm relatively new to coding/skript and wanted to open an GUI when clicking on another player. So that would start with on right click on player bla bla bla. But i want the name of the GUI as the name of the player you clicked on. Could anyone help? I cannot figure it out. All help...
  12. H

    Problem in setting list variable value

    I want to change multiple value of list at once. For example, I already have written down this phrase. set {list::*} to 100 But results are not what I expect. This phrase removes previous data of list, and inserts new data. So, list's (index : value) set to (1:100) How can I solve this issue?
  13. B

    Solved add variable to variable

    I can't add variable to variable.. Am I have to add an addon? or I can solve it by other way? if clicked slot is 4: set {_pay} to 0 loop {NUM::%player%} times: add {STOCKPAY::%{BUY::%player%}%} to {_pay} message "%{_pay}%" to player
  14. A

    Solved add string to player variable

    im trying to add "text" to {test::%player's uuid%} but it doesnt seem to work command /wip: trigger: add "text" to {test::%player's uuid%} send {test::%player's uuid%} to player
  15. mrclipse

    list variables

    I'm making a faction plugin for my anarchy server that doesn't have land claims, you can do /fcreate [<text>] to make a faction, but I want to check if that faction name has been taken already so there aren't 2 identical factions. I tried using a list variable to store all of the faction names...
  16. C

    Item stored in variable with metadata value?

    Script Version: 2.6-beta2 Minecraft Version: 1.17.1 Full Code: command /metadatatest: trigger: # not working part set {_diamond} to diamond set metadata value "number" of {_diamond} to 6 send "%metadata value "number" of {_diamond}%" # working part...
  17. C

    Variables and arguments

    I want to /setbal for a player and the amount, but when on the last line the code is wrong and i don't know how to fix it command /setbal <player> <number>: permission: op permission message: "&4&lUhh, you can't do that" aliases: /sbal trigger: if arg-2 is not set: send "&c/setbal...
  18. G


    Hi everyone! Im want to make a point leaderboard. I dont know how to do that, Maybe you know, so please if you can, make it! Thanks! My points var: {%player%.points}
  19. K

    How to list multiple values in variable

    Hey, I need to list all the values in some variable to appear in chat. My current code looks like this if arg 1 is "add": set {%arg-2%::ploc} to location of player add arg-2 to {_projects::*} broadcast "&8[&aBuild&8] &7New project has been created: &a%arg-2%" if arg 1...
  20. B

    How to check if a name has been taken

    Hello, how do I check if a name has been taken? I'm making a skript where people can create worlds but I want to know if the name they type in has been taken EX: command /example <text>: trigger: if arg-1 is in {taken}: stop trigger # say stuff else: # world creation cmd I tried...