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  1. J

    Setting a player's skin, nametag, and tab priority?

    Hello! How would I set a player's nametag in skript, change their skin, or set their tablist priority? (I've already set their tab name) I am making a disguise skript and would really like some help with this :3 Skript Version: Skript 2.6.1 (dev20c) Skript Author: Matocolotoe Minecraft Version...
  2. T

    Script Custom colorful tablist! (minecraft) Controllable from mc commands and discord! 1.0

    Skript tab list! Required plugins: - Skript - Skript addon: disky Make your server colourful with this skript! Easy to use and controllable from your discord!
  3. WhiteWolf

    Tablisknu Array Errors

    Hello! I've been using Tablisknu on my server for array tablists, and it's been working well so far, until I tried setting a tab's icon: command /array: trigger: enable array tablist for player set display name of tab 1, 1 for player to "&bFortunit &d&lBETA" set icon...
  4. C

    Solved Tablist Header and Footer using Tablisknu

    I'm trying to set a custom header and footer for my tab list on my server. I don't understand the docs( that great and the code I did get gives me an error: Can't understand this condition/effect tablist header for player "header" Here is my code, any help is...
  5. A

    1.7 tablist

    Can someone tell me how to make a tablist like this:
  6. Oliv583c

    Mundosk Tablist

    Hi. I just recently started to learn how to make a special kind of tablist: Using Mundosk. But. I wanted to color some of the "player heads" like this: I have tried a variety of ways. My method was to change my skin into a solid color. Then save my own skin in a file or variable. Then...
  7. CyberedCake

    Help With Tab List

    --> Sorry if this is bad, it's like my first or second time posting to SkUnity! <-- Skript Version: Skript v2.4.1 Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.15.2 PaperSpigot Code for Tablist: on join: set tab header to "&7&lMy header - Example" and footer to "&7&lMy footer - Example" for...
  8. B

    Tablist header and footer

    Skript Version: 2.2-dev36 Authors: [Njol, Mirreski, bensku, TheBentoBox, tim740, Tuke-Nuke, TheLimeGlass, xXAndrew28Xx, Sashie, RoyCurtis, nfell2009, Syst3ms, Snow-Pyon] Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Code: on join: set player's tablist name to "&7[%{rank::%player%}%&7]&f %player%" set...
  9. Wolwer

    Solved Hide spectators from TAB

    Hello, guys! I'm developing an skript that hides spectators from tab. But I don't know how to do it. I have searched for plugin that will histe spectators from TAB on spigot and Bukkit, but I haven't found it. Please, help me. My addons and skript versions: - Skript: 2.2-Fixes-V8b -...
  10. FireGuy

    How to create a sorted tablist?

    I want that my tablist is sorted by pex groups, like "&4Owner %player%" is first, then "&6Mod %player%" and so on. I dont found any syntax from addons. Thanks :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. Kristian Rahbek

    Solved TAB LIST

    Hey! So i want to make a server trying to only use the script plugins. So i need a tab list, but can't figure out making one? I do not need the name to be changed, but they line over the heads, like the "WukkitCraft" you can see on the picture! :D Example like this: I would really appreciate it
  12. Claver01

    Solved Tablist not showing ranks?

    where do i start... i have the plugin "Nametagedit" and it works fine, but there is one thing that doesn't work, and thats when a player gets a prefix its only shows the prefix above the player, but not in the tablist. Its only showing the players name with white in tablist anyone know wtf...
  13. F

    Tablist Script help

    Hey, Can anyone help me to create a sorted Tablist for any rank: Sort: 1. Owner 2. Admin 3. Mod 4. Sup 5. Builder 6. Player Owner must be at top of the tablist and Player at the bottom. If anyone knows how to do that please post an example for it. Sorry for my bad english i am from germany...
  14. HiiqhFive

    Script skNames | Create your own tablist groups! 1.0.000

    SKNAMES! for Skript 2.2 This system implements a way to manage your tablist prefixes/suffixes for every player. HINT: to sort your nametags, name the groups like that: a-owner b-admin c-moderator etc. DEPENDENCIES • Skript (at least version 2.2) • Skellett • skUtilities HOW TO INSTALL 1...
  15. CorruptedVeit

    Sorting Tab

    Skript Version:2-2 Fixes V9 Skript Author:Njol Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 --- How i can sort the Tab I know I can make it with teams but i don't know how i can made it :D Can anyone helpf me to sort the Tab with this Code? Full Code: on Join: if player's prefix contains "Admin": set...
  16. Snow-Pyon

    Script Nick/Skin changer 1.7

    Description Hey there, today, I did a chat/tablist/above head nick and skin changer script, hope you'll like it. Features Skin changing Configureable Nametag changing Configureable chat display name changing Configureable tablist name changing Skin/Nick changing on join Per-color permission on...
  17. C

    Solved [Skript] Help with Tablist

    Good evening, dear community :emoji_slight_smile: i would like to make a skript, like the Plugin PerWorldTablist. Example: Player A is in the World "Spawn" Player B is in "world": Player A + B can't see each other in the tab When Player B teleports in the world "Spawn", the can see each other...
  18. L

    Can't Make Tablist Update Using SkRayFall

    Skript Version: Skript 2.2-Fixes-VBb Skript Author: Njol Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 --- Full Code: _Note: If the code is too large, feel free to use a pasting website (Pastebin or hastebin)_ _Note: If a variable is being set in another script, but not shown, please explain how they are being set_...
  19. Tlatoani

    Addon MundoSK 1.8.5

    Announcement: MundoSK will be splitting up into a few smaller addons in the future. If you are looking to use MundoSK right now, this shouldn't affect your usage, just that sometime in the future you will need to replace MundoSK with a new addon(s). This won't change how any of your scripts are...
  20. Snow-Pyon

    Script Tab 1.4

    Description This is a script for modify the tablist with configurable header, footer and the name of a player in the tablist. Features Animated header. Animated footer. Yaml configuration. Custom tablist name. Default tab format. Per-world tablist and tablist custom name. Animated tablist...