Setting a player's skin, nametag, and tab priority?

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Active Member
Aug 7, 2020
Hello! How would I set a player's nametag in skript, change their skin, or set their tablist priority? (I've already set their tab name) I am making a disguise skript and would really like some help with this :3

Skript Version: Skript 2.6.1 (dev20c)
Skript Author: Matocolotoe
Minecraft Version: 1.8.8

Have you tried searching the docs? Yes
Have you tried searching the forums? Yes
What other methods have you tried to fix it? I have tried asking my friends and the current skript maintainer and they don't know how to either. I've used mundoSK, tablisknu, and skirt and none of them work. I've used skins restorer, and that doesn't work, and I've used nametag edit. Please help!!!!
Have you tried using code of other skripts? E.g.
And what are the problems with the plugins you have used?
Yes, I have. MundoSK is now Tablisknu which hasn't been updated to Skript 2.6.1. Skirt is now abandoned, and also doesn't support Skript 2.6.1. Nametag edit only edits prefixes which would give the player a prefix of their disguised name and keep their original name. EX: "xx_test_Jacob105" Skinsrestorer doesn't work on minehut as you can only configure it thru bungee. (And since I'm not a minehut admin, that ideas out the roof, plus I want to skript it anyway)
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