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  1. N

    Solved Armor check

    can someone give me an example to check if player is wearing entire set of armor like if the player is wearing all iron armor it will set {_armor} to iron
  2. W

    ADDONS FOR 1.12.2

    hi everyone sorry for my english i'm french i ask you guys if you have a addons list or something like that for 1.12.2 im not a beguiner but not a pro thanks
  3. S

    Solved Add item to variable block

    I am trying to make a skript that makes cobble stone turn to stone, and the results would be put into a chest. aliases: any cauldron = 380:0-3 on left click on any cauldron: block 1 below is a note block player is holding cobble stone cancel event set {_a} to amount of...
  4. JustADev

    Solved DrawBox?

    Is there any snippits out there for creating a cube with world edit, Cube: //walls //set (//set is for the top) Just wondering - Dev nvm
  5. _Lasagna

    Solved pls help <3 thx

    on rightclick: if name of held item of player is "<gold>1* Wheat": if player is sneaking: add (3 * the number of wheat in inventory named "<gold>1* Wheat") to player's account remove (number of wheat in inventory named "<gold>1* Wheat") from player...
  6. J

    "Is not a text"

    Hello There! I am working on a Troll plugin and I am encountering some issues Here is my code... command /troll [<player>]: trigger: permission: Troll.Use permission message: &cTroll> Permission Denied if arg-1 is set: open chest with 3 rows named...
  7. Aidanete

    Solved Where are the original skript commands an events...

    Recently I'm making a server but I tried to use the new skript version, but any of the scripts I have maded doesn't work. So, I searched hard on the docs [To hard to find] and I got the surprise that there are only a few events and no effects or conditions, I had also searched through the rest...
  8. J

    Please Help Having issues with making plugin

    So im making an event plugin and everytime i try to reload it keeps coming up with errors i dont know what to do ive looked at the code and it looks right but i keep getting errors here is my code command /event: permission: Event.Admin permission message: &8&l(&c&l!&8&l)...
  9. B

    Solved Is it possible to get the amount of players online in a multiverse world in scoreboard?

    Is it possible to get the amount of players online in a multiverse world in scoreboard like hub scoreboard?
  10. P

    nearby enttites

    Skript Version: 2.1.2 Minecraft Version: Spigot 1.8.8 Full Code: command /noent: permission: sk.noent.set trigger: set {loc} to location of player every 3 seconds: loop the nearby entities in radius 15 around location {loc}: kill loop-entity Error: There's no location in a...
  11. Marto_0

    Solved Function not Running

    So im trying To make a shop where u can buy "AutoMiners". But somehow its not calling/running the function. There are none errors Thanks for reading. EDIT: So ive done some more testing. After i removed the L: string at the function and the Gui. It works. But the chest gets lure "<none>" So...
  12. Jeroeno_Boy

    Solved Worldguard Region

    This is the first time im doeing something with worldguard in a skript. i looked in the forums and on njol but couldnt fine where i was looking for, my issue is that i want to add a player to a worldguard region command /plot [<text>] [<player>]: trigger: if arg 1 is "add"...
  13. U

    Cancel block place

    Hello guys! I'm working on a FFA skript to my server, but i need a part that does so then you place an oak wood block, then there goes 6 seconds and it will be removed. Are there someone out there, that know how to do that?
  14. U

    ", and" prefix

  15. J

    Solved Help With Lists

    Hello, i have a command which can add text to a list. but how do i check if the text isnt in the list?
  16. M

    ExertSK download

    Ayone where had the ExertSK download? Bump Solved download found:
  17. C

    Solved If world name contains ..

    Is it possible to write something like: if world name contains "pvp_": wait 1 tick (...)