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  1. WeakBrainStorm

    Solved Tp at Y level

    Ive been trying to make a parkour map but i cant find out how to see what y level a player is at. So life if the player is below y level 30 then tp player to {checkpoint.%player%}
  2. WeakBrainStorm

    Solved Variables in lists?

    Im working on a clicking server with pets, boosts and etc. but I want a block multiplier. When you hit the block you get 2 x clicks but I dont want it to be there forever. So when you hit it 20 times it disapers and comes back after a minut. What i got: on left click on yellow wool: set...
  3. P

    Playtime Top Won't Work

    command /playtop: aliases: /ptop trigger: loop {playtime.time::*}: add 1 to {_size} if {} is not set: set {} to loop-index else: set {_n} to 0 loop {_size} times: set {_n} to...
  4. Wyvertt

    Solved How do I make it so that when I mine a coal block it adds 1 to a variable

    #this won't work on mine: if event-block is coal_ore add 1 to {coalmined.%player%}
  5. H

    Solved How do i add a cooldown

    I am very new to skript and i am working on a wands skript but i dont know how to add a cooldown command /wand: trigger: player has permission "skript.Wand" give blaze rod named "&c&lWand" with lore "&kL<reset>" to player On leftclick: if held item is a blaze rod: if...
  6. GDude_

    Solved Global variables problem.

    I need help with global variables because they don't work. I get no errors with the code but it still doesn't work. Skript Version: 2.5.3 I also have tried many other versions and more updated ones, even dev ones and they still don't work. Addons: Skungee, SkQuery, Ersatz, SkMorkaz, TuSKe, and...
  7. Turtlord

    Cooldown for loops

    Hi, I need help. :/ I don't understand how to add a cooldown to a loop. This is the code: loop 5 times at cooldown of 0.01 seconds: make player shoot an arrow at velocity 0.75 (its not working)
  8. I

    Solved How do i get the highest amount of a list and turn it into a variable

    Im Looking for a way to get a list and turn the highest number in that list to a variable Thanks in advance
  9. M

    Solved Effect on world join

    Hey, so i want to give an effect when a player join's a specefic world and then remove it after they returned to an other world but my script doesn't work (Btw i'm very very new to this) This is my script: if player is in world "Void": apply speed of tier 1 to player else if player...
  10. Dogloverblue

    Solved How do I aim an arrow at a player?

    I need help with a skript in which I shoot an arrow at the player, but nothing seems to work, can someone help? heres my code: every 5 seconds in "world": set {_loc} to location -57, 71, -179 in "world" loop all players in radius 10 around {_loc}: wait 0.2 seconds shoot a arrow...
  11. Y

    Solved Player not found console command

    When i make console execute a command that warps a player to a warp i use this: make console execute command "/warp %player% (warp)" but for some reason the console says error player not found even though it says my name properly (screenshot below) Running skript 1.5.2 minecraft 1.16.4
  12. acai

    Solved Creating and Deleting Worlds with MultiVerse?

    Hello! I'm making a minigame, but creating worlds with Multiverse doesn't seem to work. Any help? My code (quite long): #-------------------- on damage: damage cause is fall: cancel event command /mbadmin [<text>] [<text>]: permission: gumble.mineblock.admin trigger: if...
  13. C

    Solved Projectile that damages over time

    This title is definitely misleading. Basically, I have a feather. This feather is named "&9Throwing Knife". What I need it to do is shoot an arrow on right click that when it hits another player, they take damage over time for the next 3 or so seconds. I have everything working except the...
  14. X

    Loop blocks in a chunk

    Thanks for clicking on this post. I want to loop all blocks in a chunk. I tried lots of ways but none worked. Can you please help me?
  15. L

    Skript - An internall error occured.

    Hello, I was working on a server review server with a tuske gui options: {reviewedserver.%uuid of player%}: {v1} {reviewactive.%uuid of player%}: {v2} on first join: set {v2} to true command /resetratings: permission: op trigger: set {aussiegensr} to 10 set...
  16. Dogloverblue

    Solved Problem with Multiple quotes

    So I I'm trying to make a command that give a player a certain item, the best way i know of is to use the "make player say" argument, but when i enter this command /boostergive: trigger: make player say ""/minecraft:give @s feather{display:{Name:'[{"text":"Boost lvl...
  17. R

    Compass tracker skript

    So I am making a skript that tracks a player when the compass is right clicked, and I am having trouble with the conditional in the skript. command /track <player>: description: Use this command to track a player by right clicking with a compass...
  18. J

    [SOLVED] Why does ShaneBee Talk to himself

  19. N

    /skript help problem

    I have tried everything i know so far. Everytime i type in /skript it says /skript help. Can someone help me?
  20. C

    Solved Strange console error when attempting to write YAML Files?

    Hey! I've been trying to revive a really old skript I used to run on my server (used to work 100% and I'm using the EXACT backup of a working version) But my console spams this error when attempting to write files. Here's my plugins I've tried...