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Apr 11, 2017
Recently I'm making a server but I tried to use the new skript version, but any of the scripts I have maded doesn't work. So, I searched hard on the docs [To hard to find] and I got the surprise that there are only a few events and no effects or conditions, I had also searched through the rest of addons to find where are those events and effects.

Really, I didn't understand this anymore...

Please, If someone can tell me where I can find all the original commands for skript, I will be a bit more happy.

Thank you, Aidanete
Thank you.

Actually I can place "tabs" to organize the skript or now all is in the same line?
My old scripts won't work and when reloading the skript says me that there is an error.
tabs work but you cant combine tabs and spaces for indents though, use one or the other. post the error
tabs work but you cant combine tabs and spaces for indents though, use one or the other. post the error

Here is the error:

I also tried to reload all the scripts one per one but also failed, I watch the code, all is as I used them some ago.
The scripts commands doesn't work.
post the stacktrace from console. are you using bensku's fork?
I think I downloaded from the docs of skunity. I have to use the bensku's fork?


English is not my main language, so, I think you mean this with stacktrace...
Skript is incompatible with Craftbukkit, use either Spigot or PaperSpigot (recommended).

Ok, thank you

Now I have another problem, I installed spigot, works fine. Installed plugins including skript, works fine.
I've tried to reload scripts, works fine.

But the problem is that, when reloading the feedback is correct, but when trying to execute some of the script's commands, or anything, works as it doesn't exists.

e.g. One of my scripts uses the /mailbox command, I reload all scripts, works fine and feedback is good. I type /mailbox and the output is "Unknown command /help for list of commands"

Descarting some possibilites, all of the plugins I use are fully compatible with skript.
Simply I see that I were using and outdated version of SkQuery, also I downloaded Skript from Beschu Fork, Idk If it's something important but I say also.
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