skript 1.16.1

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  1. Kaff

    Help with placeholders

    I'm trying to use a placeholder of a economy plugin in my skript, but i don't really know how to use placeholders. This is the line set slot 11 of {_MenuPj.%{_p}%} to gold nugget named "&eRyo's: &f%gemseconomy_balance_default%" I want to show the player's balance in a menu, but this is from...
  2. PixelCraft_I_D_K

    SK - Phones

    Hi there! I don't know how to continue this skript farther. Here is my idea: I'm trying to make a phone skript for an RP thing, and I want it so when the player accepts the call with an accept command, which I also need help with, they will be able to chat with the player. I'm thinking of using...
  3. Kaff

    How to make a Health Bar with Skript?

    Just that. I want to make a gui or hud with a Health Bar and a "Mana" bar. The health bar is supossed to be a modified texture of the hearts of player and the "Mana" bar the food bar. The problem is that i want to also add a text above both with numbers of the current HP and Mana of the player...
  4. W

    Hi, I've been trying to find a way to see the items inside a shulker

    Hi, I've been trying to find a way to see the items inside a shulker for a Dupe skript. Thanks!
  5. Y

    Skript place holder?

    New to skript forum(Not skript,I have already used it for least a year),I am not getting any helps on discord as all guys trying to help me failed :/ The code: on right click: if name of player's tool is "&a騎士劍": if {KnightSwordLVL1::%player%} is not set: if...
  6. P

    How to open advancements page using skript or java plugin

    Hi! I was wondering if there is a way to open the advancements page using skript or with a custom java plugin. sorry english not good bump i plan on a skill tree by using a gui to open the advancements
  7. B

    Force normal player to run an admin command

    every tick in "world": loop all players: set {_test} to loop-player's targeted silverfish if {_test}'s name is "face": make loop-player execute command "/execute as @s at @s if entity @e[type=minecraft:wither_skeleton,name=dontlook,distance=..5] run tag...
  8. T

    Solved SKRIPT: List Variables Fail to load

    Hello! So basicly I've some list variables which store some values and they work but the problem is that when I restart my server they fail to load. I checked the logs for this and the error that I get is this: " [16:43:37] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#! Unable to load (all) variables: [16:43:37]...
  9. J

    make item unbreakable

    Hello!! Am trying to make a item to be unbreakable. In this case, a water bottle: water bottle named "§6§lBoBux" with lore "A relic only the worthy shale posses" If someone can help with the code to cancel any events that would cause the item to burn by fire or lava, cactus, explosions, etc...
  10. W

    Custom Craft Need Help.

    i'm new to skript and i made this custom craft and i can't seem to make it have 32 slimeballs, it will only craft 32 of them can someone help me on load: register new shaped recipe for slimeball of protection 1 named "&aLauncher" with lore "" and "&7Right-Click Ability:" and " &aLaunches...
  11. E

    Help pls

    So i am making a ban gui and all of that good stuff but when i use the ban gui and ban someone it does this here is the code and imma attach a vid you are gonna have to check through the whole code as the on inventory click stuff is seperated so to get to the code with the error u will have to...
  12. A

    Players can only place tnt in region

    Hi, I wrote my very first skript today on a collaborative server with a lot of people who know more than me, but they're all offline for a while lol I'd like for non-op players to not be able to place any block other than tnt in the region "PeasantVillage." Help would be much appreciated!
  13. S

    Sweeping Edge particle

    I want to create a sweeping edge particle infront of the player when they click with an iron hoe, but the only way i can find out how to do it is by running it through the player or console and I don't want to turn off sendCommandFeedback. on rightclick with iron hoe: cancel event if...
  14. C

    Prefixes for teams

    I cant get this to work, it has no error but it just doesn't work. i want to be able to add players to teams, red and blue. command /joinred: trigger: set {player} to {TeamRed} on chat: if player is {TeamRed}: set the chat format to "&c%player%&r: %message%"...
  15. Kesem Hershcovich

    Can't change lore and enchant to event-item

    I'm trying to make a Smelting Touch with Skript, associated with TuSKe. I tried to make the pickaxe have a chance to get the Smelting Touch "Enchantment" (A Lore With Unbreaking 1), and when I try to change the item that got enchanted's Lore, the script prints this problem when reloading it...
  16. S

    Give item with atrributes

  17. Arownic

    Solved Are Chest Menus Broken?

    Server Version: git-Paper-129 1.16.1 Skirpt Version 2.5-alpha6-MH Server Host: Minehut Yesterday, I was starting to work on a teleport menu for the nether, I stopped working on it for the night because it was getting late. I reloaded the skirpt (skript below). And then I got this error...