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  1. ItzRepsac_

    FireFlower attack player within radius of player holding the fireflower

    Hey everyone, first time posting on this skript forum! :emoji_slight_smile: Im working on a custom item, when a player is holding a flower, it sets every player within a 6 blocks radius on fire. Everything seems to be working, till the loop all player part. I cant get that part of the skript to...
  2. M

    Skript for item giving effects on right click

    Category: Skript Suggested name: Ink&Run Spigot/Skript Version: paper=[git-Paper-545 (MC: 1.19.4)] skript= 2.6.4 What I want: I would like a skript that gives players in a radius of 10 blocks blindness for 10 seconds and gives the user speed 2 for 10...
  3. Haloxx

    Why is my code not working?

    i have this code to break looped blocks but it says that it doesnt know what loop blocks in radius means and it says this
  4. J

    How to break blocks below player in a radius?

    So I'm making a script where blocks will be set to air below the player for a challenge. I've got this part figured out, but if the player stands on the edge of a block it won't disappear, just the one next to it, and I'm looking for a solution every 0.15 seconds in "SkriptTest": loop all...
  5. B

    Solved Radius lava deny placing

    Hello! I try to make a 100 block radius. In this radius nobody should can place lava. But nothing works so i thought maybe someone can help me here!
  6. Mani

    Solved Why doesn't it working?

    on break: if broken block is in radius 50 around {warp.farmwelt}: cancel event
  7. V

    Solved Is looking at player, loop players in radius

    Okay, so i am making a magic skript, and i want a magic to loop players in radius 7. Is this possible? I also need help at checking "if player looking at a player:". I have tried both docs and forums and i found no help.
  8. FUZIK

    chunks at player in radius 10

    please help me. how to receive all chunks in a radius? #example command chunks <location> <integer>: trigger: loop chunks at arg-1 in radius arg-2: broadcast "%loop-chunk%" thanks.
  9. O

    Radius Thing Help

    on right click on chest: if event-block is in radius 2 of {chest1::location}: if player is in {openedchest::uuid of player}: send "&cThis chest is empty." So, I am trying to make it so when they right click the chest in radius 2 of "{chest1::location}" (I already set the...
  10. W

    Other Block Effects

    This is a tutorial for effects with blocks. We will now start with a radius from the location of a block. This code loops entities in a radius of 5 around the block's position. loop all entities in radius 5 around blocks's location: Now we will add an event for in which this loop will occur...