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  1. O

    API Request

    Is there a way to perform an HTTP GET request on a skript? This is what ChatGPT fed me: ``` on server list ping: set {_ip} to {player-by-IP::%ip%} set {_url} to "{_ip}?fields=32825" set {_output} to http get from {_url} set the motd to "Most recent player's...
  2. I

    vanish groups, its posible?

    In theory, I would like to know if it is possible to create a script for group A players to be vanished and group B players not to be able to see or detect them (if I were using clients), so that when using, for example, a pvp arena, players from group A can fight themselves apart from group B...
  3. S

    I need some help with a skript.

    I am trying to make a "Wallet". Where right clicking on the wallet opens a shulker box GUI. I want the skript so players can only drag gold nuggets named Gold Coins into the GUI. I can easily change textures, so if you need the Wallet item to be a shulker box, it's no problem.
  4. F

    Pass player entity via function and open chest

    Hello.. How to pass `player` entity via function and called under `open chest`? This works fine: ``` command /testButton: trigger: foo(player) function foo(player: player): send "FOO" to {_player} bar({_player}) function bar(player: player): send "BAR" to {_player}...
  5. Denloself

    same code, differnt result (hex code)

    i am trying to make hex code being uncoloured (i know the correct format in skript should be <##hexcode>) and then i found out it was not working, when i am trying to debug it, i found out i used two exact same code and and differnt result i used essentialsx and essentialsx chat, i am not sure...
  6. V

    Create citizens with skript?

    How do I create citizens with skript? I am making a horror game and I want that a random npc spawns in front of them and 2 seconds later despawns, and with despawn I mean like completely removed. I can't find ways to do that anywhere in the docs and all the addons are outdated. I'm on 1.18.1 btw.
  7. A

    How to detect when a player places a custom head.

    Topic (1) How could I detect when a player places a custom head? Topic (2) How could I place a custom head? Question (1) Could I just do on place: if event-block is a player head with nbt "%nbt%"? Please answer! Thanks in advance, AgentStrawberry
  8. F

    Solved loop players in radius excluding the player that initiated the script?

    Is it possible to exclude the player that initiated the script for the command "loop players in radius _ around player"? So that every player in the radius besides the player that initiated the script has a zombie spawned at them for example.
  9. I

    Solved Skript question, please read my description.

    Hey guys, I am a mostly beginner skript user, and I have a problem. If "player1" writes the captcha code, he is able to unlock player2's captcha code too. Can I solve this problem anyhow? On join: if player's name is "player1" or "player2": set {captcha::check} to true wait 3...
  10. D

    I have a question about variables

    Hello. My name is Dreadmania, I have a question about variables. Do the variables get set for everyone? I'm making a compass tracker skript, and instead of making everyone run the /track command I want to make it so the host can run the /track command but I wonder if the target will be set for...
  11. D


    Can you make an explosion that gives all exploded blocks to a player
  12. R

    Solved How should I put code in a thread?

    I am very new to the forums and I have seen many people make threads with their code in a box titled: "Code (text):" This is a very clean way of putting the code in a thread and I was wondering how to do it when writing a thread.
  13. S

    Solved drop mob items in player inventory

    Hey guys, I have a question. on death: if victim is bat: clear the drops chance of 50%: set {_amount} to random integer between 1 and 3 set {_drop} to {_amount} of nether brick named "&atest" give {_drop} to attacker Resolved
  14. C

    Custom recipes in one

    For my server I am making a minigame with custom recipes. And I was wondering if it was possible to make a custom recipes that worked in only 1 world.
  15. I

    Get speed of player

    Ok so i am making a script where I want to get the speed of the player so i can know if he/she is using speed hacks I just wanted to ask you guys: are there any way that you can get the speed of a player?
  16. I

    Can someone make a Server Tutorial plugin in Skript for 1.8 Mc Version?

    Can someone make a Server Tutorial plugin in Skript for 1.8 Mc Version? k? Ty <3 #iThink_
  17. Liz3

    Start coding directly with Bukkit/spigot or normal programming?

    Hey Guys, this is a term i wanted to ask a long time ago and im not sure if i will only ask it here in the skUnity Forum, but lets get started: Im right know a 17 Years old junior dev working full time, mostly in web languages like javascript(ts),php, html etc.... I made the SkriptIDE two years...
  18. T

    Possible to disguise entity as another entity?

    Hi there, this is just a quick question, I couldn't find an answer for on the forums nor documentations. I know Skellett allows the player to get disguised, but what about entities? "disguise the last spawned horse as a creeper" for instance. Any addon out there that can do this?
  19. J

    Solved Help - Noob question :/ Enchantments?

    I was just wondering how I could give a player an enchanted item without having to loop items in their inventory and enchanting the wrong one? For an example: command /kit god: trigger: give player sharpness 1 bow But the simplest things in skript are nowhere on the documentations.
  20. Gamebuster

    Solved How and Where does skript convert text into Java bytecode

    I'm just wondering what class actually converts a skript file into bytecode, and how it actually does so at runtime. I was thinking about making something similar to skript for something else, and I just kinda want to know how skript does it to see if it's a better design, but I can't seem to...