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Start coding directly with Bukkit/spigot or normal programming?

Discussion in 'General' started by Liz3, Feb 28, 2018.


Should you learn programming before working with the Spigot/Bukkit and or Sponge Api?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I only use Skript

  4. Minecraft is out xDDD

  1. Liz3

    Addon Developer

    Jan 25, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Hey Guys, this is a term i wanted to ask a long time ago and im not sure if i will only ask it here in the skUnity Forum, but lets get started:

    Im right know a 17 Years old junior dev working full time, mostly in web languages like javascript(ts),php, html etc....
    I made the SkriptIDE two years go, dead project(hint: only at the moment), thats why i am a Addon dev on the Discord btw, i want Addon Dev here too @BaeFell :emoji_grinning:

    If we spin back to my beginnings though, i started programming with the Bukkit API, without even knowing what programming actually is, i was copying Tutorials on Youtube line by line, i did not even know what a curly brace is.
    Of course after some weeks i knew how to start a plugin, with a plugin.yml, extends JavaPlugin etc..
    But i actually learned coding from the day, on which i asked a friend how to create a Window(Swing) in Java.
    I was already coding longer than a half year for sure, before i learned what a Class or inheritance is and all the other stuff.

    My image about coding only became complete when i started programming in php and javascript and understood the difference between, dynamic and typed Languages and the difference between object oriented and procedural programming.

    Today my favorites languages are Kotlin, c++ and Typescript(Javascript preprocessor).
    At the first look, these languages have only one thing same, there all object oriented.
    But if you look closer, you get the point, all three are not only object oriented but also are strongly typed, still got type inference(C++ has a auto type) and are super pragmatic(C++ a little less, but still pretty good).

    The languages i use the most or used the most(excluding ts, js) are not one of those three, php and java.
    PHP is a highly questionable language, because its dynamic, extremely inconsistent and not predictable.
    Java is more predictable but super verbose and old in many ways, type inference? what is type inference....

    Though if you start coding, i highly recommend java, just because it is so old and forces you to deal with typing and so on.

    I am asking this, because i often see forum entries of devs asking things about coding related to the Bukkit/Spigot API, getting good answers but cant get the point of the answer, because the asker does not know what the answer wants to say, if it contains: "create a new instance", "use a third party api", "the types are wrong", "this is a static method", "use a external iterator and not a internal one", "use a array and not a linked list" and so on. The list could be so long...

    I am not mentioning Skript here, because Skript is Skript and has nothing to do with normal programming languages, sry but it really does not.
    Its really good though for Minecraft server Owners, to do little things, Skript is perfect for what it pretends to be.

    But my actual question is, is it okay to start with Spigot Plugins and copy line by line, or should u try to learn programming first and after that start using libraries like the spigot one.

    I surely did the wrong way, i just was lucky i detached my self from plugins and coded normal, i mean i do not code plugins anymore, rather im using tools like typescript(and all web languages) with electron and the Huge riot games api to make desktop software.

    Now your opinion, it is okay to start right of with Minecraft plugins or should you learn programming it self first?

    Thanks for reading and i am really interested in your opinion!

    #1 Liz3, Feb 28, 2018
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
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