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  1. J

    Solved solved

  2. X

    Solved I need help creating a /daily skript with a permission needed.

    I have a skript made with a permission but anyone is able to do it, permission or not. I could not find anything on this. It is so a vip rank has a separate /daily cmd. This is the skript I have: options: prefix: &8[&6&LServerName&8]&r cooldown: 24 hours permission:
  3. V

    Permission or integer array inspect

    Hello I want to make the script detect the number from the player's Permission config. From this code if player has permission "inventoryweight.maxweight.150": execute console command "/lp user %arg-1% permission unset inventoryweight.maxweight.150" if...
  4. V

    How to make permissions work?

    script options: $ use permissions every 1 seconds: loop all players: if loop-player have the scoreboard tag "Z": add "zinfection" to looped-player's permissions execute loop-player command "/zinfection" I've been trying to enable permissions for several...
  5. R

    Solved How to check for permission true and false in the same line

    As the title suggest, I would like to check if one permission is true while the other is false. I know I could do if player has permission "": if player does not have permission "test.meagain": do something But what I am trying to do is having it on the same line. if player has...
  6. L

    Solved Make a player perform an command with an permission

    Hey, i am trying to make an gui. But now i would like that if a player click on an item the command get executet with an permssion (or as op) if index of event-slot = 13: cancel event make player execute command "/mv tp jumpandrun" [that command should run with...
  7. ClaasCode

    Solved Permissions doesnt get Saved

    Hello, Im trying to use SkQuery's Permission System. If i execute /rank CloudF0rce Premium it works how (like i cant execute that command again) but after i rejoin i can enter that command again (so i have Admin Perms again) Note: I do have OP tho My Code: Options: P: &7× &9CloudMC &7×...
  8. FrostPVP™️

    I need a skript (pretty long)

    I need a /report skript - if they only do /report send "&cPlease report a &6Player &cand type a &eReason" - Message if they didn't put in a player: send "&cYou need to choose a player!" - Message if they didn't put in a reason: send "&cYou need to have a reason!" - Message if they try to...
  9. FrostPVP™️

    when you click a paper it gives you a pex permission

    I want a skript that when you right click it. It gives a pex permission please leave the permission blank i need the paper to be called &a&lPlot Access and and if you can add a lore make it &5&lRight-Click Thank you <3 Plot Access Right-Click To Gain Access To Your Own Plot
  10. T

    How to make a command not require a permission

    Hello I need to know how to make a command in skript which does not require any permissions Thanks Guys!
  11. S

    Solved How to give a player permission when righ-click on item?

    So I have multiverseportals but to have access you need to be OP or you group should have "multiverse.portal.access.<portal name>". So how to make that if player right-click on specific item as example paper renamed to Snow Pass, get portal access for that portal? I found this: But its not...
  12. A

    Shop Gui Permission help!

    Hey. I need help for my skript to work. It is a gui where u can buy kits, but i can't seem to make it work. Can u guys help me?? (I am new to skript, so please be gentle)
  13. C

    Permission Counter

    Hello script community! I want to do a Skirpt, which counts how many players with a certain permission are on the server. Can someone help me there?
  14. TechyGaming

    Solved Message if has permission

    Hi, I am trying to create a script that send a message to players with the permission techcraft.worldchange.notify but after reading the Skript documentation and experimenting for hours I can't. Here's my current code: command /world <text>: permission: permission message...
  15. M

    Kill Counter with Permission

    Skript Version: Skript 2.4-beta8 Minecraft Version: 1.14.4 English: Hello I'm just here when programming not continue. I want someone who has a certain permission to kill someone who goes up a counter. That works with the counter already. I just do not know how to set this with the permission...
  16. TechyGaming

    Solved How to add a permission to a custom command

    Hi, On my server, I have been working on a custom command that broadcasts a message to all players saying that there is an event running. I have setup the command and from what i understand it should work but i want the command to only be usable by a player that either has the permission...
  17. A

    Solved Loop-player help

    Hello, I using a latest version of the minecraft skript plugin and I have got a problem with.... There's no loop that matches 'loop-player has not permission "" ' I usig some addons, but I not thing it's that. This is CODE in file command /vanishsk: trigger: if...
  18. iim_alex

    Script UPerms - Permissions / GUI Group Set / Simple Command b1

    NEW Best Skript Permissions System Dependencies - Skript - SkQuery - TusKa - SkUtilities This Plugin was created in a simple and effective way. Thanks to the innovative Skript Permissions, technology is one of the Best UPerms System Skripts. · /uperm - Open a GUI · /uperms user (player)...
  19. cheatchki

    Script BungeePEX 1.0

    Requirements: - skript - MundoSK - SKUtilities - PermissionEX Features: - Ability to send PermissionEx commands over your bungee server - Set Certain ranks to be bungee wide - config is seperate from skript, and can be found in the PermissionEx folder (Or if specified in a different...
  20. Adrihun

    Skript Commands with Anti Spam?

    I made a Rank Manager in script, so if you do /setrank Adrihun Owner, it will give me the rank Owner and I have also added some nice things to it like fireworks. And if an admin spams this command, there will be a lot of fireworks, etc. So I tried to make an anti spam for this and it worked...