Solved How to give a player permission when righ-click on item?

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Apr 22, 2020
So I have multiverseportals but to have access you need to be OP or you group should have "multiverse.portal.access.<portal name>". So how to make that if player right-click on specific item as example paper renamed to Snow Pass, get portal access for that portal? I found this:
on right click:
event-player's tool's name = "snow pass"
console command "<lp user %player% permission set multiverse.portal.access.snow1 true>"
But its not working when I press item called "snow pass" should I set specific item id?
I would love if someone do the script with the same details and paper renamed "Snow Pass"
Thanks a lot.
[doublepost=1587539868,1587537244][/doublepost]So I tried this script too but its not working:
on right click with paper:
event-player's tool's name = "Snow Pass"
wait 1 tick
console command "<say hi>"
on right click holding a paper:
if name of tool of player is "&bSnow Pass":
execute console command "lp user %player% permission set multiverse.portal.access.snow1"
remove 1 paper named "&bSnow Pass" with lore "&bRight click to apply the &b&lSnow Pass!" from player's inventory

command /snowpass:
permission: op
add 1 paper named "&bSnow Pass" with lore "&bRight click to apply the &b&lSnow Pass!" to player's inventory
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