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- skript
- MundoSK
- SKUtilities
- PermissionEX

- Ability to send PermissionEx commands over your bungee server
- Set Certain ranks to be bungee wide
- config is seperate from skript, and can be found in the PermissionEx folder (Or if specified in a different folder)
- hooks onto /pex reload, and reloads the config with the command

Important commands
- /spex
- /pexsync
- /pexs

same as PermissionEx's arguments

Special command:
/syncpex example
- will generate an example config file, use this if the guide in the config file isn't sufficient enough
/pex reload
- will reload the config file and if deleted will redownload the config file, along side reloading the pex plugin

- install the required plugins (click linked plugin to take you to its main page)
- load server
- install BungeePex.sk and load it in
- navigate to permissionEx folder and open up BungeePex.yml
- follow the instructions in it
- if you need more help, in console use /syncpex example

Note: This isn't even technically Bungee Cord IF you really wanted, you could connect servers on completely separate servers together
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