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  1. A

    Looping too many blocks crashes server

    I am creating a mini-game using skript. Bad news, I am trying to loop blocks in radius 180+ around a block and my server crashes because of the skript checking for many blocks on command /test: permission:op trigger: set {test} to 184 set {test2} to {test} -2 loop...
  2. C

    Solved Need Help With SkDragon Particles

    Hey! So I've been trying to make a wand that shoots a fire beam that deals damage, I have everything right so far, excepty the part where SkDragon comes in, it doesn't give me any errors, there's just no particles no matter what SkDragon code I put on right click: if name of player's held...
  3. T

    Make a projectile invisible

    Hi, I want to know how can I make invisible a fireball or any other projectile like an snowball or an arrow with packets or any other form because im making a magic spell skript for my server and I only know how to do them shooting a projectile trailed with skdragon particles. (I know how to...
  4. T

    Projectile help

    Hi, I want to know how can I make invisible a fireball or any other projectile like an snowball or an arrow because im making a magic spell skript for my server and I only know how to do them shooting a projectile trailed with skdragon particles. (I know how to make an armor stand invisible with...
  5. T

    Umbaska particle projectiles help

    Hello, I need help with umbaska 3.0 because in umbaska 2.0 I know how to create particle projectiles but in umbaska 3.0 I don't know how to do it and if its possible
  6. S

    Sweeping Edge particle

    I want to create a sweeping edge particle infront of the player when they click with an iron hoe, but the only way i can find out how to do it is by running it through the player or console and I don't want to turn off sendCommandFeedback. on rightclick with iron hoe: cancel event if...
  7. T

    Solved I need help with particles (skDragon)

    Hello! I am developing a Valorant in Minecraft with Skript. I get to the point, I need to make the skDragon particles get on the target block and not on the player. This is the current code I have: drawSphere style 1, particle "cloud", center player, id "%player%.esferajett1", rainbowMode...
  8. sluhtie

    ArmorStand Particles [SkDragon]

    Hello, currently I am trying to make a ArmorStand spiral particle effect with SkDragon. My Problem is that the Skript loads without any errors but it still doesen't work. Maybe someone can help me out a bit? Here is my current Code: command /test: trigger: loop all entities...
  9. E

    Particle error (skDragon)

    i want to make a particle line from player to target block but an error appears. drawLine particle1 "redstone", RGB 0, 0, 255, particle2 "redstone", RGB2 0, 0, 255, center player, target target block, id "%player%", rainbowMode true, solid false, density 2, length 0, zigZag count 0, height 0...
  10. B

    How to play particle with speed and force

    Hey, I'm on 1.14.4 and I am wondering how can I play a particle with a certain speed and force render in skript? I tried show firework spark at {_loc} with speed 0 but that gives a can't understand error.
  11. T

    How can I make particle projectiles

    How can I make a particle projectile? Before, I used umbaska particle projectiles but now It says that doesn't recognize this condition/effect and skdragon equal with its condition and effect Im using skript 2.1.2, umbaska 2.0 Beta 5.5.1, skquery 3.21.4 and skdragon 0.14.0 with spigot 1.8 but I...
  12. S


    Hi guys! How can I get the effect like the picture? Script or plugin? Thanks.
  13. T

    Particle projectiles in SkDragon

    I want to know if is possible to make particle projectiles like umbaska in skdragon or with skdragon's effects, and if is possible, how I know this effect: drawDot count 5, particle blockcrack, material stone, center event-projectile, visibleRange 8, pulseDelay 2, keepFor 8 seconds but I don't...
  14. Elsmok

    Solved "Shoot" Particles?

    so basically im just looking for a way to "shoot" a particle and on impact it damages or explodes ect using skDragon I am also looking for a way for particles to home in on players, so they can't run from it, and again on impact it damages or explodes ect also using skDragon
  15. T

    Particles issue

    If is possible, how can I use blockcrack or colored red dust particles in umbaska particles projectiles
  16. Pikachu

    API SexyShapes 1.0

    SexyShapes SexyShapes is essentially a remake of skqGeometry using it's algorithms (shortened a bit) and with a working cube generator. You can do lots of cool things with SexyShapes because unlike skqGeometry, SexyShapes returns locations instead of just limiting you to making particles. With...
  17. C

    Particles 1.9 - 1.11 ????

    Any way to spawn 1.9 - 1.11 particles ? "1.8 spawn 10 of particle cloud:0 offset by 0.2, 0.2, 0.2 at player for players with data 0" just send me errors. Thanks.
  18. Doctor Who

    Addon Netrozor | Magic Skript API 1.0

  19. Adrihun

    Solved Rank helper

    Category: Ranks Suggested name: UpdaterRank What I want: I want a simple script. If you type in /rank add (name of the player) (name of the rank) it will give the player the rank that you typed in (OWNER, BUILDER etc) and console will then execute command "pex user NAME group set OWNER" then a...
  20. BaeFell

    Umbaska Module Particles BETA 1.0

    Particles - a Module for Umbaska 3 Created by @Sashie for Umbaska 3, we present to you, the Particles Module. The Particles Module allows you to quickly, easily and creatively create particles within Skript. The Particles Module employs similar techniques from skDragon but have been improved...