Looping too many blocks crashes server

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Aug 8, 2021
I am creating a mini-game using skript. Bad news, I am trying to loop blocks in radius 180+ around a block and my server crashes because of the skript checking for many blocks
on command /test:
        set {test} to 184
        set {test2} to {test} -2
        loop blocks in radius {test} around {center}:
            if the distance between the loop-block and {center} is less than {test2}:

                show wax on at loop-block

test2 is just doing the outside of the sphere to show particles on just the outside
can I make a sphere outside with particles that does not check for millions of blocks?

Thankyou to all that help.
command /test:
        set {_center} to location of player
        set {_radius} to 180 #radius of sphere in blocks
        set {_density} to 250 # density (higher value -> more particles -> more performance impact)

        set {_density} to {_radius}/{_density}
        set {_i} to 0
        while ({_i} <= 180):
            set {_shift} to sin({_i}) * {_radius}
            set {_y} to cos({_i}) * {_radius}
            set {_a} to 0
            while ({_a} < 180): 
                set {_x} to cos({_a}) * {_shift}
                set {_z} to sin({_a}) * {_shift}
                show wax on at ({_center} ~ vector({_x},{_y},{_z}))
                show wax on at ({_center} ~ vector(0-{_x},{_y},0-{_z}))
                add {_density} to {_a}
            add {_density} to {_i}
For optimize you can save locations before sending particles, if center is known before
replace lines 16, 17 with
     add 1 to {_index}
     set {spheres::mysphere::%{_index}%} to ({_center} ~ vector({_x},{_y},{_z}))
     add 1 to {_index}
     set {spheres::mysphere::%{_index}%} to ({_center} ~ vector(0-{_x},{_y},0-{_z}))
then simply run code when need show precalculated sphere
loop {spheres::mysphere::*}:
    show wax on at loop-value
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Even without this code
loop {spheres::mysphere::*}:
    show wax on at loop-value

Or line 16 or 17

The server still crashes even with low density
[doublepost=1662490351,1662490316][/doublepost]I'm not sure why it crashes after running that command.
idk, I test my code on 1.19.2, with Skript 2.6.3, its crashes only if put high density with low radius or high density with high radius, with values what I set in code - no lags.
What should I do? I want to show a closing in spawn like from MCC battlebox without using the worldborder because it goes across the whole world
Var 1: World border can be send per player as packet. This is implemented in Skbee addon for example.
Var 2: Using complex addon for work with particle system, as SkDragon, updated fork link
Var 3: Learn some basics and explore code what I send before, because it's works, idk what problem with your's server/client software
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