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  1. F

    Solved Setting the number in item's lore as a variable

    Hey everyone! I need your help about two problems. I am trying to make a money bag skript. Basically, when player right clicks with a book, I want an inventory to open with the number of gold nuggets according to the item's lore. Check the code you will get what I mean. on right click with book...
  2. TryhardTree

    Script Item Database 1.1

    This script allows you to save, give and use your saved items! REQUIREMENTS: Skript Commands: /database, /dtb - /database info ; Sends you a message with all informations about every Database command (This message)! - /database add <id> ; Adds your hand item to the database with the ID of...
  3. N

    compare 2 items while ignoring durability?

    im trying to compare 2 items and not compare their durabilty while doing so e.g: if {item::1} is {item::2}: send "same item!" to player however for example, if 1 of them is full durability and 1 is even slightly damaged they dont count as the same, if there is any way of avoiding this...
  4. O

    anvil inventory item

    hello, I wanted to make a skript in which if I clicked with an object on an event block an anvil gui opened for me in which there was a piece of paper inside, but I can't do it. this is the skript: on rightclick on black glazed terracotta: if player's tool is a book named "&fCarta...
  5. A

    how to add a item with a custom texture

    Hello, we are making a job skript. but on gui, i wanna show a item which is with a custom texture. there is the code; create a gui with virtual chest inventory with 6 rows named ("&8⚒ Demircilik"): make gui slot 0 with (stone sword with lore "", "&f- 2 Kırıktaş", "&f- 1 Çubuk"...
  6. N

    Item with lives help

    I wanna make an item with lives that if item lives is not less than 1 it wont drop the item on player's death but if item lives is 0 it will break/drop the item. Can someone help me with this? Thank you in advance!
  7. S

    item define skript

    Skript Version: 2.6 Game Version: 1.17.1 Addons: none Full code (Example): command /sell: trigger: if player's tool is "raw mutton" or "black wool": send "Complete" else: send "Fail" Problem: When i have 1 raw mutton on my hand, it completes but, When i have multipe (e.g. 2)...
  8. bajinzin

    Solved Help item to chat #------------------ # ChatItem # - Version 1.7.1 # - Created by D4isDAVID #------------------ # Dependencies: # - Minecraft 1.9+ # - Skript 2.5.3+ # - SkBee 1.10.1+ #------------------ # Config options: # itemName - how the item name will...
  9. KingDooms

    Solved Removing NBTs from Items

    So, im trying to remove NBTs from items, i tried looking for help and someone said to put "remove {NBT} from player's held item" but that didn't work... Any help? Oh and by the way I have SkBee on me. remove...
  10. J

    Ender chest item limit

    Hello!! I was wondering if someone could help me with a short skript!! Objective: Allow a max of 1 shulker box of any color in the players ender chest, if they try to add more, it cancels the event For MC Version: 1.16.5 Skript Version: Latest of current date 6/12/2021 It would be amazing if...
  11. J


    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me with a skript Objective: When a players mine a chest, it checks the items in the chest, & if it has a specific item, in this case for an example, a water bottle, it would cancel the event The skript still runs fine, however when I place a water...
  12. M

    Please help this doesnt work!

    on damage: damage cause is void: teleport victim at location at (-474, 5, -307) wait 5 ticks heal victim broadcast "&c%victim% &6was thrown into the void while holding &c%victim's held item%" broadcast "&c%victim%'s &4&litem &6was removed."...
  13. nicolas toledo

    "on item damage" how to cancel item damage?

    Hi guys, I'm doing a MMORPG server and since I can't find plugins to change the durability of the items, it seemed like a good idea to make certain items have "chance%" to cancel the damage event of the event-item so that the items last longer Here is an example of what I want to do. on item...
  14. L

    How to read a list from an external file

    I understand how to read from an external file, but i am trying to read from a list of items/blocks, but I can't quite get how to do that. And what I mean is like: ``` on pickup: if item is {antyhing from common_items.txt}: set the 1st line of the item's lore to "&f&lCOMMON" ``` Because...
  15. K

    every item not work in item arg

    Hello! In this code, I can give to me diamond but not diamond block or netherite block. Can you help me? command /givet <item> <number>: trigger: set {_ItemVariable} to arg 1 set {_num} to arg 2 set {_invcheck} to 0 set {_found} to false...
  16. FistoF

    Rename mob's tool

    Is there a way to change the name of a naturally spawned mob's weapon? I'm needing this so I can use it along with OptiFine's item name-based texture feature. E: I'm going to try: set main hand tool of last spawned pillager to crossbow named "Rifle"
  17. Shadow Klassic

    Shield/Ender Pearl Cooldown on Custom Items

    Heyup guys! So how can i make an animation played like an enderpearl when executed played on any item. Skript mirror and that packet addon is present in my plugins folder! i am aware there are ways to do it with java plugins and protocol lib but is there a way to integrate it through skript...
  18. G

    Remove item that is used to click on TuSKe GUI item.

    When somebody clicks on an item in a TuSKe GUI I want that item to be deleted and I would like for somebody to point me in the right direction! I want the player to drag an item into an anvil and that item that was dragged into the anvil to vanish while it gives you a new, better item. My code...
  19. G

    item holding detection

    im trying to make a system where when you hold a specific item, you gain a specific amount of mana, then when you go to a different hotbar slot, the extra mana goes away. on hotbar switch: loop all entities: loop-entity is holding blaze rod named "&6magic stick" with lore "&6wow...
  20. D

    Solved Put several items in a certain slot?

    Hey, i am currently working on a KnockIT script for my Minecraft Server, but now I have a problem: How can I use the line (set slot 1 of player to barrier named "&cWait...") to put multiple items into the slot of a player?