help me please

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  1. C

    Help with certain tools

    I am wondering and need to find how to set block to a certain {whateverthenameis} Since I am looking for a skript that when I left click any blocks corresponding to {whateverthenameis} it gives the player an item Here are my problems, I am not able to add a block to {whateverthenameis} nor am I...
  2. iFammYT

    Solved Empty Configuration Section

    Hi, Im trying to make a simple queue for a sumo skript im making. I recieved errors about empty configurations. What should i do? command /sumo: trigger: if {Sumo::*} does not contain player: add player to {Sumo::*} send "&eYou have joined the &3Sumo &equeue" to player else: remove...
  3. R

    Solved Can't understand this condition/effect: format slot 14 of player with barrier named "Leave" to close

    I have made this skript, that is basically a gui so my players can join bedwars, skywars etc It gives me this huge error, [09:37:30 ERROR]: Could not load the english aliases config: plugins/Skript/ (No such file or directory) [09:37:30 ERROR]: indentation error: expected 1...
  4. O

    HELP!!!Pretty dangerous

    dangerous. dangerous! How to fix it If you have any questions please [18:48:50エラー]:#!#! [18:48:50エラー]:#!#![Skript]重大な エラー:[18:48:50エラー]:#!#! skを 読み込めませんでした[18:48:50エラー]:#!#! [18:48:50エラー]:#!#!Skriptでなんらかの問題が発生しました。 [18:48:50エラー]: #!#!この問題はあなたのせいではありません!...
  5. O

    Solved Empty configuration section!

    Hello! I recently started skript and stopped at one place. I couldn't solve it because I didn't check it properly. What should I do? command /oni <text>: trigger: if arg is "s": if {oni} is set: set {oni} to location of player send "鬼の初期地点を変更しました。" to...
  6. WhoCutTheCheese

    I want to format/set a slot

    I want to set slot / format a slot on this skript I just cannot figure out how on rightclick with clock: wait 1 tick open chest with 1 rows named "Server Selector" to player set slot 2 with ironsword It comes up with an error with what I currently have
  7. SmallDev

    Solved Really Glitchy Skript Please Help!!!!

    So I'm making a Skript and it's really glitchy and doesn't work, tho it's detecting the right items, please help. Here's the code. every 1 second in "world": loop all players: remove all items with lore "&7Get your rods here" or "&7/warp crates" or "&7Yum!" or "&7-Lure" or "&7-No...
  8. T

    Help-me Please

    Hello .. Good night! I am in need of help with this .sk I'm running 1.13.2 All adons, and the latest version of skript, it gives the following error: [01:38:11 ERROR]: Can't understand this condition/effect: invoke "FunnyShopComprar" from player and "%{_item}%" and "%{_x}%" and "%{_price}%"...
  9. vuurdraken

    control a wither

    hi i'm trying to make a skript wher i will be amabel to control a wither. but i cudend find a way to do it
  10. A

    Shop Gui Permission help!

    Hey. I need help for my skript to work. It is a gui where u can buy kits, but i can't seem to make it work. Can u guys help me?? (I am new to skript, so please be gentle)
  11. L

    Permissions higher than OP

    I'm trying to create a skript but the permissions need to not be included in OP For an example command /owner: permission: rank.owner permission message: "&a&lYour not the owner are ya?" trigger: execute console command "/manuadd %player% owner" The permission...
  12. L

    Blacklisted Blocks

    I'm trying to create a script, that when /blacklist-on it will cancel the event of breaking certain blocks(for now just stone bricks) and when /blacklist-off this feature will be removed, until /blacklist-on is typed again. so basically a toggle blacklist, that cancels breaking of blacklisted...
  13. LukynkaCZE


    Hi, I want to make a leaderboard. The one who has the most {points ::% player%} is on top and the others are sorted in descending order below I've tried something but nothing worked. Please help :)
  14. B

    Shop Help [Skript]

    I am currently working on a skript, for a farming server. I have the basics down for this skript, but I can't understand why a part of this skript is not working. (Its like all the other parts) The skript I am trying to work on is a /shop skript. Here is a image of the skript thats not currently...
  15. LukynkaCZE

    Solved Choosing a random Player and executing command as him

    Hi, I need to do a command that would pick a random player from world and then execute command as him. my code: command /swk:shrink:test <world>: trigger: loop all players: if loop-player's world is "%arg 1%": add loop-player to {_random::%arg 1%}...
  16. O

    Can't run multiple lines of code with format slot?

    Is there a way to put multiple lines of code in [] when you do format slot (number) of player with (item) to close then run [here]? and I dont want it to make the player run or make the console run a command because I want to use event-block in it like this: on rightclick on gold block...
  17. E

    help script

  18. G

    Custom Crafting Altar

    Hey, I need help figuring out how to do a custom crafting table GUI. I have done most of it but I need help with how to make a recipe. Here is the code: I would like to know how to test for an item in a slot and if the item is there show an item in the output...
  19. D

    Solved Help With Click on air

    Hello, I'm currently trying to log every creeper egg placed by a player. I tried two approach to this but both don't seem to work. My first attempt is here: on place a spawner_egg:50: log "%player% placed CreeperEgg in %world% at %location of block%" to "creeper/creeperplacement.yml"...
  20. I

    Can someone make a Server Tutorial plugin in Skript for 1.8 Mc Version?

    Can someone make a Server Tutorial plugin in Skript for 1.8 Mc Version? k? Ty <3 #iThink_