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  1. zysw

    I made a lootbox but people can place it on the ground, anyone know how to fix this (the item is a chest)

    im having problems making it so people cant place it on the ground code: on join: add diamond to {items::*} add diamond sword to {items::*} on right click: if player is holding a chest named "lootbox": give player random element out of {items::*} remove 1 chest...
  2. T

    Skript bug

    Skript 1.12 Bug I have searched on every skript forum on the world how to fix this bugg. The problem is that he everything is doing 2 times! How can i fix it?
  3. M

    I need help fix a skript

    Hello, I found a script that one of my friends need but it has 32 errors and I'm not good enough to fix them. # WorldHost Legendary v1.2.0 options: support-see: #Permission to see support requests lobby-world: world #Main world for commands to be dispatched from...
  4. DannyDxmpster


    Help! I restarted my server with several working skript commands and after the restart, none of them worked! I reinstalled the code, the plugin, even the scripts, and nothing worked! I am running the latest version of skript and everything! I also have no skript errors, everything seems to be...
  5. T

    Fix this sk

    Hello, someone could fix this sk for me, the error is as follows: When I sell an item, it says that I do not have this item in inventory Thank you!! Skript on spigot and informations: on script load: if...
  6. N

    Easy fix // Skript problem

    on right click: if player is in "Prison": if targeted block is stone brick: set targeted block to redstone block wait 5 seconds if the targeted block is redstone block: set targeted block to stone brick on left click...
  7. V

    Help pls.....

    I use this code to close my event but its not teleport player to spawn and idk if check for players on a list is ok. and also it doesn't remove full event folder only folders is still in %player%'s event-1 is data and region idk why is that happening other files from folder is removed just fine...
  8. S

    Message Change Skript

    So, essentially, I want my messages to be someone akin to this: "SandyVerse &8» %message%" But, when using this as a rough outline options: P: &6&lUHC &8 » on chat: set message to "{Player} &8» %message%" I get "SandyVerse: {Player} &8» (insert message). Any help?
  9. Rezz

    API [Abandoned] 2.3

    This script is no longer maintained and is considered deprecated. Use Skript's own builtin JSON text (found here: This resource's original (outdated) description is below. This script is intended for use with the Skript plugin (version 2.2)...