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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.8
This script is no longer maintained and is considered deprecated. Use Skript's own builtin JSON text (found here: https://skriptlang.github.io/Skript/text.html).

This resource's original (outdated) description is below.

This script is intended for use with the Skript plugin (version 2.2)






If you don't know how to use Skript 2.2's functions, please view this tutorial.
Make sure this script loads before all other scripts in order to access its functions!

  • json()
    • json("<recipient>", "<json text in json.sk notation>")
    • Sends a json formatted message to the recipient (accepts @a)
    • Alternative:
      • json("<recipient>", "<text in json.sk-notation>", <OPTIONAL: color codes boolean>)
      • By default, color codes will be converted. If the color codes boolean argument is set to false, json.sk won't convert color codes.
  • jsonFormat()
    • jsonFormat("<text in json.sk notation>")
    • Returns a /tellraw formatted json from the input json.sk notation text.
  • jsonColor()
    • jsonColor("<text>")
    • This function is used by the other json functions to reformat the color codes within the message.
  • jsonSanitize()
    • jsonSanitize("<text>")
    • Returns json-safe text (cancels out all quotation marks)
  • removeColor()
    • removeColor("<text>")
    • Returns text with all & color codes removed.
    • Note: this function will not remove color codes that are already converted (not in &# format anymore).


All possible effect tags:

  • ttp:
    • Appends a hoverable tooltip
  • cmd:
    • Appends a clickable command
    • If not slash is included at the start (/), players will chat a message instead.
  • sgt:
    • Appends a clickable suggestion
    • May be any text (including commands)
  • url:
    • Appends a clickable url
    • If no http:// or https:// is included, json.sk will include http:// automatically
  • ins:



command /jsontest:
        json("%player%", "&7&oHello, this is a &bsample json&7.||ttp:&bI'm a tooltip for the first cluster.|| There's no tag, so I've started a new cluster.||cmd:/ping||ttp:&6&o&lCLICK&f for /ping")
#           |_________|  ||___________________________________|  |________________________________________||||_____________________________________________|  |_______|  |_________________________||
#            recipient   |            Average Text                                Tooltip                  ||                 Average Text                   Run Command           Tooltip          |
#                        |_________________________________________________________________________________||_______________________________________________________________________________________|
#                                                       JSON Cluster #1                                                                           JSON Cluster #2


command /jsonformattingtest:
        message jsonFormat("I'd love it if this had a hover effect!||ttp:&oOh look, it does!||sgt:/randomcommand")


Json.sk compared to SkQuery Syntax:

Example 1:

SkQuery: (broken on spigot 1.8.3+)
loop all players:
    send json of "Have a lovely day!" tooltip "&cClick here for some cake! <3" suggest "/i lied" to loop-player
json.sk: (works with Skript 2.2)
json("@a", "Have a lovely day!||ttp:&cClick here for some cake! <3||sgt:/i lied")

Example 2:
SkQuery: (broken on spigot 1.8.3+)
send json of "Hello..." then " ;)" tooltip " ;D" to player
json.sk: (works with Skript 2.2)
json("%player%", "Hello...|| ;)||ttp: ;D")
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 15 ratings

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