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Excellent skript. Helped me with my anti-cheat I'm making. Thanks so much!
casually saving time for 2,531 people thank you. This allows you to really do whatever with skript. The best thing, it's not gonna spam your console with errors!
I love it <3! It's better than the /tellraw command!
I don't know why I didn't review this before! I've been using this for a very long time now, It's PERFECTLY MADE. You made me love JSON ♥
This is a great skript to use, brings back awesome Json features and adds no lag at all! Amazing!
Awesome jason skropt its da best itv tever seon
Its actually really good..
Can I get uhhhhhhhhhh. BONELESS JSON with a 2 litter of clusters
A must-have (I totally didn't download it just to post this review)
I like Jason. :)
One of the best scripts ever seen, nice as the developer of it, thanks for make this public.
This is AWESOME. Really good job. Wow!! This will make me the things easier :D!
Solid and Easy Api Made by Rezz so you know it's great!
Best and easiest tool to create JSON messages for anything!