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  1. Jason Paige

    Storage Efficacy

    Hey, recently I wanted to make custom item bags that are based on player heads. these items can then be crafted into something else for sale and transport, as well as being placeable and only holds 8 items that are exchanged via crafting recipe. simple enough I thought. Wrong, but I digress. I...
  2. CoffeeRequired

    Addon skJson 3.0.7

    Requirements Java 16+ Minecraft 1.16.5+ Skript 2.7.0 Where can I get help? Discord SkUnity Email (Only the biggest projects) How can I start with SkJson? All tutorials are based on the latest version [2.9[/backcolor][/font] for the first time and recommend working with SkJson...
  3. O

    Solved <Command> JSON With %player%

    When I try and use the <command:command> format in text with Skript, it only shows in chat and is not clickable like how I want it to be. In the file I linked, I showed how it doesnt seem to want to be in the normal format and shows the whole <command> statement thats supposed to be clickable...
  4. L

    skutil yaml - read added variables from a file

    the title itself doesn't explain much, so i'll explain it here. I want to create custom items with custom lores and rarities. This is done pretty easy in skript with the "set {@name} to item", but as I will create a lot of items, I needed to save them as yml's to be more space efficient. I...
  5. J

    Custom Chat (Clickable Chat Tabs)

    How can I create a custom chat box like Runescapes in minecraft? Clickable tabs that always shows up (JSON Probably). I am using Minecraft 1.14.4, Latest Version of Skript, with addons: "Json, SkQuery, Skellet, Skript-Mirror, Kosmos, Skent, Skope, skRayFall, SkVault, TuSKe-PichachuPatch-v3...
  6. varboosted

    Json help

    Hello how can i make a skript message with Json that when you click message it goes to a site? Tried this not working overall (i know its not for a site) command /store: trigger: message "<tooltip:hello world>Hover me for a tooltip!<reset>"
  7. T

    Remove damage meter from iron sword

    Hello, Is there a possibility that the danage meter / bar is no longer displayed if the item is damaged? Depending on the damage to the item, a certain texture is displayed. that also works Something like this must be included in the texture package of a JSON file so that the damage meter / bar...
  8. couger44

    Solved Create a expression with skript-mirror

    Hi (Again). While I was creating a skript, it occurred to me to create an expression that is something like this -> json "text" with ttp "tools tip here" with cmd "/execute command here" to player(or all players) Of course, i need the json.sk API, but I want to create this to avoid the mess of...
  9. EthernalDragon

    Solved Function error

    FUNCTION PROBLEM SKRIPT 2.2-Fixes-V8b DESCRIPTION I created my AdvancedJSON (completed recoded of json.sk) but i have 2 errors in console: PROBLEMS [ERROR] A return statement after a delay is useless, as the calling trigger will resume when the delay starts (and won't get any returned value)...
  10. X

    Json Centered

    I would like to know if there is any way to create a centered json as well as skellet uses: message centered "xd" to player I would like to know if there is any way to center it in a tooltip (I am using it for chat)
  11. Selvati

    Solved jsonSK error

    Whenever I try to use jsonsk features, spigot 1.8.9, all skript plugins updated, I get this in chat.. Which is always the line I have something like this at, command /json1: trigger: json("%player%", "This is a json message! &c&oClick here for no reason!||ttp:&lReally, click your...
  12. B

    json 'invalid json: unterminated object at line 1 column 14

    Hi all, I've just been working on a script which cancels a player's message, and instead sends a json with the message in. I have installed the json.sk into my scripts folder, and done nothing else as I think that's all needed. I am attempting to use the code below to do what I want, but I get...
  13. btk5h

    Addon skript-json 1.1.0

    Handle JSON objects using list variables. This addon was originally designed to work with Web APIs that use JSON for input and output, but it will also work well in any situation that requires parsing and serializing JSON. Documentation/Source - Releases Quickstart set {_input} to "{""age""...
  14. Rezz

    API [Abandoned] json.sk 2.3

    This script is no longer maintained and is considered deprecated. Use Skript's own builtin JSON text (found here: https://skriptlang.github.io/Skript/text.html). This resource's original (outdated) description is below. This script is intended for use with the Skript plugin (version 2.2)...