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  1. Aidanete

    Solved Anyway to detect the hitten block of a projectile hit event?

    Here is my code, I want to make eggs destroy blocks, but I tested with event-block and didn't work, and this I used to replace it in my code doesn't remove the blocks. HELP! on projectile hit: projectile is an egg: shooter is a player: block at projectile is tnt...
  2. Claver01

    Block stage break ? help

    Skript Version (do not put latest): Skript 2.2 Fixes V8B.jar Skript Author: Me Minecraft Version: 1.8.x There is a plugin "betterblock" What the plugin does is that it saves the block process and it can change the block process...
  3. D

    Setting block

    How do i set a block from a location variable Like: set location of block to {Block} set {Block} to tripwire
  4. L

    Click on the block in the region

    Good afternoon, my friend! I have a problem. I need that when I click on any block in the region, the value of the variable changes. on rightclick: loop all blocks in region{Ogorod}: # PROBLEM LINE if {Proverka} = 0: set {Proverka} to 1 if {Speed_Attack} = 1...
  5. A


    I need some help... I want to make that if a player is sneaking on a white wool block appen something... like send title message... change variables Player is sneaking On a wool block Every 3 second Send message 3 Send message 2 Send message 1 Add 1 to variable money #Repeat it every 3 seconds...
  6. P

    Solved How to place blocks on variable list's locations?

    I did this code: variables: {edit} = false on skript start: loop 10000 times: wait 3600 seconds execute command "/magusfelho" command /magusfelho [<text>] [<int>]: trigger: if arg 1 is "edit": if {edit} is false: set {edit} to...
  7. X

    Looping regions not working

    Hi, i have this script: every 10 seconds: broadcast "1" loop {zombies::*}: broadcast "2" loop all blocks in the region {zombies::%loop-value%}: broadcast "3" spawn zombie at loop-block set name of last spawned entity to "Boss" And I'm...
  8. CrisisLP

    Script SkyBlock | Skript 1.3

    →Features ← Team System Level System Top/Rank System Update System Clear System Commands help Multiple language system support More island schematic Automatic generate all blocks for level system All YAML configurable! →TODO ← Challenge Ore generator Coop able Island booking More island...
  9. Azternaut

    Hunger manipulation

    Category: Gameplay Suggested name: SimpleHungerEdit What I want: Make hunger bar last longer, the purpose of the skript is for skywars/skyblock decreasing but a little longer! :emoji_grinning: Ideas for commands: - none Ideas for permissions: - none When I'd like it by: I think it will be...
  10. Sitieno14

    Script BreakPlaceBlock 0.1

    Rules: - Please don't remove "Plugin made by Sitieno14" - Don't sell this plugin - You are free to share this plugin with anyone, but do not claim the plugin as yours Contact: - Skype: sitieno14 Please if you find a bug contact me on skype reporting it and i will fix it with a new version...
  11. W

    Other Block Effects

    This is a tutorial for effects with blocks. We will now start with a radius from the location of a block. This code loops entities in a radius of 5 around the block's position. loop all entities in radius 5 around blocks's location: Now we will add an event for in which this loop will occur...
  12. TonyMaster21

    Script LockoutX 1.0.6

    Need to secure your server from hackers? Well, you've come to the right place. Introducing, LockoutX. Download it now! LockoutX blocks users who haven't logged in from chatting, using commands, and building.