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  1. U

    How do I track blocks being broken by the block below it?

    Hi, I have a block (that is breakable when the block below it is broken). It needs to remove some entities around it and drop a custom item when breaking it. I use `on break` for that. However, if I break the block below it, the `on break` event doesn't run. How can I circumvent that? Thanks.
  2. M

    cancell block break if it's not clay

    Category: utility Suggested name: whatever Spigot/Skript Version: spigot 1.8.8 skript dev36 What I want: i want a skript that makes once the server is loaded, when a player breaks a block that is not clay in whatever world that is not "lobbytemp" it will not break. i dont know how to make...
  3. A

    Random Block Placement

    Hello. I am trying to place a cuboid with random blocks inside it (lets say cobblestone and stone) but i cannot figure out how to do it. I have tried some things but skript can't understand it so i'm trying to get help here. Please try and help as i've been trying for so long now and i've posted...
  4. Skizzors

    Help with custom blocks.

    I'm trying to recreate titanium from hypixel skyblock inside of skript, but I have no way of determining whether they broke the block i want instead of a placed polished diorite. Here's my code so far: options: block: polished diorite name: "test" on break of ancient debris: chance...
  5. KingDooms

    Not being able to set a block at clicked block's location

    So i don't know why but you can't set a block at the clicked block's location, idk if im doing it wrong because there is no errors. on right click on a stone button: set {_button1} to location 1 meter west clicked block set {_button2} to location at clicked block set block at...
  6. G

    Can someone skript this for me? Please

    Im making a pvp game, where you can buy cobwebs. And you place it down, i want to remove it after 20 seconds so its not staying there forever. Its block block decay. Can someone do it?
  7. N

    TuSKe deletes my block data. Please help!

    Hello guys! I have a rather big issue. Im using TuSKe for a generator skript and i dont know why but when i right click on the generator and the skript opens the menu the block data for the generator is gone? Please help! I linked my code
  8. Y

    Block Data

    Hello. I want to make this: When I place stone block named "X". And I break it. When I pick it up again I want to make its name "X". And I want if "X" stone placed do something(forexample send "hi") Is there any way to do that? I heard datas but I don't have any clue what's that. Thanks
  9. Y

    If region has more than x blocks

    Is it any way to "If region has less than x blocks". Thanks.
  10. J

    How to break blocks below player in a radius?

    So I'm making a script where blocks will be set to air below the player for a challenge. I've got this part figured out, but if the player stands on the edge of a block it won't disappear, just the one next to it, and I'm looking for a solution every 0.15 seconds in "SkriptTest": loop all...
  11. D

    i need help with break thing

    So i need help with when i break a block, it will give you the block that got breaked but not break the block if you understand on break of any cobblestone: give @p 1 cobblestone like that, but the "on break of any cobbelstone:" does not work
  12. S

    Solved Just why did you that ? (Blocks)

    For creator of Skript: Why did you change all names of minecraft blocks in %block% ? I'm creating a way to be mobs with Skript, now I'm creating enderman abilities to players use. The ability of take blocks of world and place it again shouldn't be hard, but the names of blocks in Skript...
  13. ItsMCB

    Solved Block Speed Effect

    Hi there! I want players to have a swiftness three effect when they are in the world guard region of spawn and touching black concrete. It loads with no errors but doesn't work. Any ideas on how I can fix it? Thanks! every 2 ticks: loop all players: if "%region at all players%"...
  14. K

    Define a placed block

    So I've been trying to make a skript that makes a block such as dirt to have multiple drops. (basically a separate type of block) I've tried variables such as: on place: set {grass::%event-block%} to true on break: if {grass::%event-block%} is true: chance of 60%...
  15. xultraalphax

    Solved Skript packet blocks

    Hello! So I wanted to make a skript where players can toggle seeing grass and flowers by /grass command. I wanted to use "make player see block as block" but I have ran into a problem. I wasn't able to make the player see the flowers for a temporary time so it will remain as air. Could you help...
  16. CUrrUpt Enxo

    On Break Handles Block Coords different than Loops do

    Yea this might be a bug or a feature or something but idk how to fix it I have been messing around with this stuff for the past hour im trying to make a machine but it aint gonna work ima send my code in a haste bin here thats the whole file soo if...
  17. S

    Block to Loacation

    Hi, i´m really new in Skript, i read the documentation but still doesn't figure how to convert a variable of type block to location. Thanks. Nevermind... i feel dumb jaja I did i like this: %location of {block}%
  18. T

    Help with block State.

    How to write a block state in a skript? My server MC version is 1.13. For example, I need to make a script to check the installation of a half block at the top of the block. Sorry if there are errors, I do not speak English and use a translator =)
  19. M

    Is There to spawn an entity at a location

    Im trying to make like a custom rpg type thing and im trying to make a custom mob with custom names and drops, health, strength and extra but i need my mob to spawn in World Skyblock at a certain location and/or block. I already now how to spawn the mob but i dont now how to spawn it at this place
  20. H

    Set block at direction of player

    Hi I'm coding a minigame skript i want to if player near a wool; i want to wool's block at direction of player to vine. If you can't understand i can explain with a photo: