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Script SkyBlock | Skript 1.3

Sky, Skyblock, Single block, Flying island.

  1. CrisisLP
    ChisleLP, CrisisLP
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9, 1.10, 1.11

    →Features ←
    • Team System
    • Level System
    • Top/Rank System
    • Update System
    • Clear System
    • Commands help
    • Multiple language system support
    • More island schematic
    • Automatic generate all blocks for level system
    • All YAML configurable!

    →TODO ←

    • Challenge
    • Ore generator
    • Coop able
    • Island booking
    • More island schematic ✔
    • Language (türk, italia, ...)
    • More admin rights
    • Skyblock rewards/loots (e.x. daily rewards)
    • More security/anti-grief
    • Biome support
    • Your idea...?


    Language system:
    How to install your language:
    1. create a yml <language>.yml
    2. paste this
      Code (Skript):
      1. prefix:
      2. buildisland:
      3. buildisland2:
      4. notallowed:
      5. foundisland:
      6. teleportisland:
      7. noisland:
      8. deleteisland:
      9. alreadyisland:
      10. waitingisland:
      11. notodelete:
      12. inforequest:
      13. gotrequest:
      14. inforequesttimeout:
      15. gotrequesttimeout:
      16. inviteself:
      17. playernotonline:
      18. notleader:
      19. joinalreadyleader:
      20. joinalreadymember:
      21. joinislandinfo:
      22. joinislandgot:
      23. norequest:
      24. targetmissing:
      25. infodelete:
      26. gotkickcausedelete:
      27. islandleave:
      28. skyblockgrass:
      29. locked:
      30. skyblockgrasslore:
      31. skyblockexp:
      32. skyblockchallenge:
      33. skyblocktop:
      34. skyblockvote:
      35. skyblockhub:
      36. skyblocktop10:
      37. skyblocklevel:
      38. rewardvote:
      39. rewardwoods:
      40. rewardenchant:
      41. rewardender:
      42. rewardunknown:
      43. nopermission:
      44. cantfoundplayer:
      45. infokicked:
      46. gotkicked:
      47. islandair:
      48. sucesssethome:
      49. islandhomecancel:
      50. numbermissing:
      51. pagenotfound:
      52. helptitel:
      53. helpsite:
      54. helpsite2:
      55. iscreate:
      56. isdelete:
      57. isteleport:
      58. issethome:
      59. isteleportgo:
      60. islevel:
      61. istop:
      62. isinvite:
      63. iskick:
      64. isjoin:
      65. isleave:
      66. isgui:
      67. isloots:
      68. isspawn:
      69. iscredits:
      70. protect:
      71. portal:
    3. edit your language
    4. go to Functions.sk and search function languagechoose
    5. set your slot and add a variable 'set {Language::%player%} to "<language>"'
    6. use command '/language'
    7. you are done!

    How to use schematic: !ONLY v1.0!
    1. go to 'Skyblock.sk' and search line 63
    2. configure your path, where your schematic is
    3. save schematic so that you copy on a bedrock!

    If your bedrock is not in the right location, every player are gonna create in same spot!
    How to add schematic: v.1.1
    1. go to folder 'plugins/SkyBlock/schematic'
    2. add your schematic
    3. you are done!

    If you dont want a GUI, so place only one schematic in schematic's folder.

    How to add start chest: !ONLY v.1.11!
    1. go to 'Skyblock.sk' and search line 111
    2. fallingchest(player, "<block> <block> ..."
      1. if you want more than one piece of block than use
      2. fallingchest(player, "<number>_of_<block> <number>_of_>block>"
    3. save and reload
    How to add start chest: v.1.2
    1. go to 'chest.yml'
    2. add your item
    3. you are done!

    →Screenshot ←



    Plugins required:
    • Skript 2.2
    • WildSkript
    • SkQuery
    • Skellett
    • SkRayFall
    • skUtilities
    • SkStuff+WorldEdit(paste schematic)
    • MundoSK
    • ProtocolLib
    • ExtraSK not required, if you have Skellet. Change event from "on crop trample" to "on entity block change"
    = Optional for future or not sure if required!


    For help us with small donate :emoji_innocent:


    1. upload_2017-4-6_23-0-30.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. firebreakHD
    Version: 1.3
    May i use this as a basic setup for my Hypixel Skyblock Skript with coop feature, multiplr differemt profiles, and more?
  2. Kallecrafter
    Version: 1.3
    I need the folder Skyblock otherwise I can not insert the schematic / brauche den Ordner Skyblock sonst kann ich die Schematic nicht einfügen
  3. Farid
    Version: 1.3
    Pretty advanced skript! Comes with a lot of features that are handy!
  4. NewEdit_
    Version: 1.3
    Can you give us depencies? Ty? :)
    Amazing work nicely :)
    1. CrisisLP
      Author's Response
      Thank for 5 stars :D, The depencies are already listed and I called 'Plugin required' Check the box in description.
  5. WheezyGold7931
    Version: 1.3
    Um... I have no clue what to say other than, Holy Shit.
    1. CrisisLP
      Author's Response
      Simple thank, for the 5 stars :D
  6. Azternaut
    Version: 1.11
    If you make configurable .yml, like chest.yml and something that configure island default setting like mostly skyblock plugin (disable/enable nether portal, how many distance between island, etc.) i will rate this to 5 star :D
    1. CrisisLP
      Author's Response
      Thank for giving us idea :D. We have added now in v.1.2 a YAML configurable. Have fun.
  7. HunterD123
    Version: 1.0
    Amazing skript kinda thought limeglass would get to this first but eh. Don't like the rar file (don't mind it my self just for others) but good skript in all and the first i've seen out.
    1. CrisisLP
      Author's Response
      Thank for the first review :D. We try to make all in one but the loading would take very long so we split up in 3 file and sometime the functions are not correctly loading. I'm not sure if its my fault or skript fault. You can try use Functions.sk in your Skyblock.sk. See us later :)