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Updated/Patch|Fix :
  • added automatic download language
  • added some new config*
    • elytra: true/false -> Deactive Elytra on another island
    • pvp: true/false -> PvP active for owner of island
  • added more security stuff
*Please deleted your old config.yml for generate a new one.
Updated/Patch|Fix :
  • added YAML configurable (@Azternaut)
    • Nether enable/disabled
    • Chest add (Starter items)
    • Distance/Protection*
    • Height Options
    • Permission
  • added TODO List:
    • add Biome support
  • Like
Reactions: KingAlterIV
Updated/Patch|Fix :
  • Debug (send) clear
  • Download fix -> easy installation
Updated/Patch|Fix :

  • more schematics support
    • upload_2017-4-8_18-34-48.png
  • schematic paste control
    • upload_2017-4-8_18-37-49.png
  • added automatic generate blocks.yml points