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  1. I

    Sinseeker Scythe

    Hello everyone. I am trying to develop a script for the "Sinseeker Scythe" found on Hypixel. Link to what it looks like: (Minikloon, a Hypixel admin.). Unfortunately, I have run into errors with my own script. It will only draw one line at a time, not multiple. Any solutions? Thanks -...
  2. L

    skutil yaml - read added variables from a file

    the title itself doesn't explain much, so i'll explain it here. I want to create custom items with custom lores and rarities. This is done pretty easy in skript with the "set {@name} to item", but as I will create a lot of items, I needed to save them as yml's to be more space efficient. I...
  3. L

    Wildstacker drops

    Hi, i am currenty making a Skyblock server. For some reason creatures does not drop drops (not gamerules) so i've now made custom drops to all mobs and animals (on death). This doesn't work with WildStacker, since the creatures doesn't die before the last one is killed. I was wondering if it is...
  4. G

    frozen scythe like from hypixel skyblock

    so im trying to re-create the frozen scythe from hypixel skyblock in skript. so basically what is does is it shoots a couple of armor stands holding blocks of ice, in like a dart formation, and it deals damage and slows things. There are also like snow/spit particles. This is my current code...
  5. G

    trading thing like from hypixel skyblock

    hello so i just started skripting and I am really bad at it. I was wondering if anyone here could make a trade menu like from hypixel skyblock. so when u shift-rightclick somebody, or do /trade, it sends that person a message, like "Grandfish has sent you a trade request! do /tradeaccept to...
  6. E

    Hypixel SkyBlock Aiming

    Hey, I want to do the aiming of Hypixel SkyBlock. you shoot with a bow and the arrow flies normally when there is a mob on the way. Then he changes the direction and flies to him. If he moves he follows him
  7. T

    [HELP ME] SkyBlock skript

    I need help with the script: when you write a command, it teleports you to a location (any) and an island appears under you, it is advisable to copy from one location and paste it at the player's position
  8. T

    Solved [HELP ME] SkyBlock script

    I need help with the script: when you write a command, it teleports you to a location (any) and an island appears under you, it is advisable to copy from one location and paste it at the player's position
  9. P

    Solved Custom Workbench

    Is it able to make a custom workbench like at hypixel skyblock and if so, how? Thanks for your answers! :)
  10. LimeGlass

    Addon Sky 1.0.6

    Documentation | Github | Bug reports A Skript addon dedicated to SkyBlock. Requirements: Java 17 Supported Skyblock plugins; uSkyBlock 2.11.0 aSkyBlock BentoBox meaning BSkyBlock, AcidIsland, CaveBlock, SkyGrid and more. Make a suggestion in the bug reporter if you would like other...
  11. NotNinjaTalon

    Solved Infinite water buckets

    Alright so first off I know this is a very odd request, but anyways I'm wanting a skript that makes it when on place of water bucket named "&bInfinite Water" it places the water as usual but refills the bucket right back up, pretty much replacing the player's tool. I know this is a pretty basic...
  12. NotNinjaTalon

    Limit the uses of an item (Sellwand)

    Hello, I'm currently making a skyblock server, anyways I've been trying to skript sellwands. I'm wanting various ones limited to a certain amount of uses, at the moment I've only got an infinite one. How could I make this limited to around 100 uses etc. Hope one of you guys can help me out...
  13. NotNinjaTalon

    Solved Disallow CMD but allow it if arg is after

    Hello, I'm trying to make a skript so that it cancels/blocks the command "/is" but I still want it to allow the command if args are set afterwards so players can do things such as /is (upgrades|help) etc. Hope someone can help out, thanks!
  14. VampTheSkripter

    Separating Islands without new worlds

    Category: Separating islands (for Skyblock) Suggested name: (doesn't matter) What I want: I need something like Skyblock, where islands are created in the same world and separated. Although, I can only use these plugins: I'm not sure if it is possible, but I really want to try it. If...
  15. kamilleon


    I tried multiple things to get the superior skyblock api to work with skript mirror, but I couldn't. I would only need it to check if the player who executes the command is the leader of the island he is in team of. Any help? Plugin(Api)...
  16. P

    Custom crafting recipe

    Hi,I want to script an object that is in Hypixel SkyBlock (golem armor). Unfortunately, I do not know how to do it, that you can only craft the item once you have reached the required "iron level".Is it possible to ask script for a player's Iron Level with a variable, for example on crafting...
  17. N

    Offering Any Scripts to be made for $

    Details Hi, my name is Adrian and I am willing to make any script you would like, for money. By paying, you allow me to receive some cash for my hard work. I am dedicated to work on any script that will take anywhere from 1 hour to even 10 hours (depending on the price). Contact My discord is...
  18. dreike

    Solved Hypixel Skyblock Collection Skript (Error)

    So, I'm remaking the Hypixel Skyblock Collection but for rankup. And sometimes, when I try to open the wheat collection, the Wheat is not there. :/ > Code: > Print: (When it works) (when it doesnt)
  19. CrisisLP

    Script SkyBlock | Skript 1.3

    →Features ← Team System Level System Top/Rank System Update System Clear System Commands help Multiple language system support More island schematic Automatic generate all blocks for level system All YAML configurable! →TODO ← Challenge Ore generator Coop able Island booking More island...
  20. Azternaut

    Hunger manipulation

    Category: Gameplay Suggested name: SimpleHungerEdit What I want: Make hunger bar last longer, the purpose of the skript is for skywars/skyblock decreasing but a little longer! :emoji_grinning: Ideas for commands: - none Ideas for permissions: - none When I'd like it by: I think it will be...