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Script SignCommand Plus [Custom] [Execute any command with a sign] 1.2

Sign command support Tp to sign,ID of sign, List of sign, remove of sign & id, And much more

  1. Big update » Fixes and new Features » v1.2

    Ayham Alali
    • After doing some tests and checking the code. I found some bugs and i made some changes and also i added some new features, check them down below. ↓

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    • ChangeLog»
    » Fixed Duplicated IDs, Now you can use any id with no errors like (test,...
  2. Permissions Fixed & Sounds & Particles ( v1.1 )

    Ayham Alali
    Update Version 1.1
    What's new:
    • Fixed Permission ( Duplicated/Wrong Permissions)
    • Deleted Unused codes
    • Added Sounds when Right click on sign command
    • Added Particles when Right click on sign command
    • Enable/Disable Sounds
    • Enable/Disable Particles
    •• New Requirements ( Skellett & SkRayFall ) (...