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  1. E

    in-game command maker

    So I'm trying to make a command where you can make little commands like -hello or -diamond. And I have a good idea for it. My code is: command /command [<text>] [<text>] [<text>]: permission: command.maker permission message: "&4You can not run this command!" trigger: if...
  2. V

    Solved Commands without "/"

    Is it possible to make commands without "/"? It sadly cant be as simple as: on chat: if message is "!test": send "test" It has to have arguments, like: on chat: if message is "!test <arg>": send "test %arg%" But that sadly doesn't work. Is there anyway to get around that?
  3. N1ghtc1

    Script Survival System pre-1.4

    Survival System is a script that includes a few useful commands for survival servers Requirements the latest version of Skript plugin minecraft 1.16.5 or Newer General Commands /sethome (to set your home location) /home (to teleport to your home) /tpa <player> (send a teleport request...
  4. MyuKEK

    Script Simple Enderchest Command Script 1.0

    Its an simple Enderchest Script Commands: /enderchest /ec /ecinfo
  5. P

    My command does not show

    I have this script: variables: {brSpawnLoc} = 0 command /setbackroomsloc: permission: setbrloc trigger: set {brSpawnLoc} to location of player send "&bBackrooms spawn loc is now %{brSpawnLoc}%" on death of wither skeleton: if name of victim is "&0&lEntity"...
  6. C

    Is loop-command possible?

    Hey i was wondering if LOOP ALL COMMANDS is possible like every tick: loop all commands: code - blah blah blah
  7. C

    Solved How can I make a command that runs skript code?

    I would like to design a command that lets you type out skript code then lets you send it. example: /skrun <Skript Code> Is this even possible? If it is, can you give me a basic explanation of how it works? Thanks.
  8. M

    Skript command not working

    I was trying to make a factions skript, but when I loaded it it returned no errors but the command didn't work, minecraft didn't recognize that command at all. Here is my code command /factions <text> [<text>]: trigger: if arg-1 is "help": send "help message here"...
  9. CVRS3D

    Help with text argument dependent command

    I'm trying to create a Skript that can create worldguard regions based on a text argument and then run a number of commands sent from the player that adds region flags to the region specified in argument 1. It would work something like /wg automate RegionName Preset where RegionName is input...
  10. mrclipse

    Solved Im so confused, It was working

    I had a simple factions plugin working but I wanted to add the ability to /fconfirm delete and /fdelete but it just stopped is there anyone who can help me? Also I have no idea what "lists" are I just thought that something like {factions::%uuid of player%::factionname} would be one single...
  11. A

    Help with running commands

    SOLVED: in case anyone was wondering I just had quotes around the tags section Script Version : 2.5.3 Script Author: Antimattur Minecraft Version: 1.16.5 Full Code: on right click: if player is holding stick with name "wand": set {_player} to player make console execute...
  12. ClaasCode

    Solved Permissions doesnt get Saved

    Hello, Im trying to use SkQuery's Permission System. If i execute /rank CloudF0rce Premium it works how (like i cant execute that command again) but after i rejoin i can enter that command again (so i have Admin Perms again) Note: I do have OP tho My Code: Options: P: &7× &9CloudMC &7×...
  13. K

    Solved Console Executes Random Commands from List of Commands

    Hello everone, I am really new to skript, I am planning to let console do a single random command among a list of commands after every certain amount of ticks. Here is what I got so far. make console execute command "/cmd1" make console execute command "/cmd2" make console execute command...
  14. Purple Pixel

    Skript Custom Commands For Dummies. (Part 1)

    (In this tutorial I am using 2 spaces to indent.) Custom Commands: Custom commands can come in many different ways. From simple commands to very complicated ones. For beginners, this is usually how you would want to layout your skript command. command /example: permission: trigger: There...
  15. SpawnRusher

    How to make Toggleable commands

    I couldn't find anything like this, probably due to me searching 1 thing, but let's get on with it. When I say a "toggleable" command, I mean a command that is used to turn on/off something. Like the command /fly. If you are not in flight mode, you'll be put into flight mode. If you're in...
  16. V

    Solved Bungee won't conect and gui wont execute commands

    format gui slot 15 of player with crafting table named "&3&lSurvival" with lore "&7A Game To Survive In The Wild" and "&7Play It Alone Or With Your Friends" and "&7Fully Custom Made" and " " and "&7&oMade By &3VnlCraft" to close then execute player command "/join server survival" command /join...
  17. C

    Solved Command List Scenarios(Text)

    Category: UHC Spigot/Skript Version: PaperSpigot 1.8.8-R0.1-Snapshot, Skript: 2.2 dev 36 What I want: Ok so, I run a server and host games frequently but players keep wanting to know what game modes the game is each time (different all the time). I need something where I do /scenadd <scen1>...
  18. I

    'on damage' doesn't work in commands

    I have this here: command /avadakedavra: aliases: /ak trigger: if player is holding a stick: message "Avada Kedavra!" make player shoot snowball on damage: projectile exists projectile is a snowball...
  19. CustomWorldYT

    Solved Placeholders + Variables

    I'm developing Skript, and I want a command to edit messages of plugin in-game, because not every person is friend with Skript's options. I'm using variables to save pieces of messages, that can be edited in-game using command "/edit prefix &a&lNew Prefix &b&l>>" (for example). But now, I want...
  20. Blue

    Script Scrolls 0.4.1

    :emoji_large_blue_circle: Description :emoji_large_blue_circle: This skript is an easy-to-use scroll add-on for your server! Once you create a scroll, you can give it to players with commands (making external giving of them incredibly easy!) and allowing them to execute commands by...