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  1. I

    Opening an anvil gui to a player

    I want to make a password for doing /op and i am tring to make it with an anvil or a sign gui. When i try to use a gui for a sign it says Can't understand this condition/effect: And when i use an anvil there is no errors but it says: An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this...
  2. D

    Solved How to update a sign every 3 seconds?

    Hello, I'm doing a lobby system for my server and I'm stuck with a problem with the sign system: How can I update a sign every 3 seconds so that the sign shows the number of players in a world (and so that the number is updated as well)?
  3. C

    script not working

    This script doesnt give me the chest?? on right click on sign: line 1 is "[Warp]": line 2 is "netherpvp": line 3 is "everyone": player command "warp netherpvp" give player chest named "&aKit Selector &7(Right Click)"
  4. S

    Custom Sign

    Hi, how could I do something like that in Skript? My point is, that when you place a sign named "&c&lStaff Sign" it doesn't open the "Edit Sign Message" Menu, it just places the sign and sets the lines of it. (this code is just an example, it doesn't work) set {_staffsign} to oak sign named...
  5. Vane2k16

    function with options?

    Hello, i need help with a function for a signupdate. this is the function for the signupdate: function signupdate(a: text): set line 1 of block at {knockout.sign::%{_a}%} to "- KNOCKOUT -" set line 2 of block at {knockout.sign::%{_a}%} to "[&aONLINE&r]" set line 4 of block at...
  6. I

    Gui with Sign

    Hi there! so i would like to make a GUI shell if u could call it that around groupmanager and I was thinking about nameing groups with a sign GUI like storing the input you typed on a line. I tryied to read the installed the plugins but...
  7. S

    Script GUISHOP | All Items, Short Code, Sign Support 1.0.1

    Features - Guı Shop - Customize Category - Add new item's data code to yml is Add New Item To Shop :emoji_slight_smile: - Open Gui With Gui - Amounts Support 1 - 4 - 8 - 16 - 32 - 64 - 128 - 256 - Sound Support Coming Soon - Your Think ( Share Idea With Me in Google Forms) Images Sıgn Shop...
  8. Kristian Rahbek

    Prison Cell

    Can someone help me make a Prison Cell script? I have some commands i would like in it! :D /ce add {PLAYER} (Add a friend to your cell) /ce remove {PLAYER} (Remove a friend from your cell) /ce unrent (Unrents your cell) I would also like a place where you can see the cells that aren't rented :D...
  9. P

    Sign with number of players

    Hey! How can I make the sign show the number of players in a world?
  10. P

    Sign with

    Hey! How can I make the sign show the number of players in a world?
  11. X


    How can i make a player edit a sign like shown on this gif My mc version is 1.12
  12. martinpeeters34

    Solved Glitching Signs?

    I don't know how to fix this, but my Signs are glitching when I set a line of a Sign. It sets the line to the text, sets it back to the previous text, waits a few ticks, and puts it to the text I prefered. When I change them manually, this doesn't happen. I tried to wait a few ticks, but I think...
  13. Azternaut

    Script SetLine - For those who hate to break sign 1.0

    How to use: Target a sign that you want to change the text and do the command Command: /setline <line> <text> or you can use /sl Dependencies: - Skript (bensku edit)
  14. Ayham Alali

    Script SignCommand Plus [Custom] [Execute any command with a sign] 1.2

    Join our Discord for support SignCommand Plus: is a Custom Skript made by Ayham Alali for his server OPG4MERS, And he decided to share it with you :emoji_slight_smile: Why Plus? Well take a look at Features section :emoji_slight_smile: Fully Customization (Messages, Permissions, Cmds)...