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Script SignCommand Plus [Custom] [Execute any command with a sign] 1.2

Sign command support Tp to sign,ID of sign, List of sign, remove of sign & id, And much more

  1. Permissions Fixed & Sounds & Particles ( v1.1 )

    Ayham Alali
    Update Version 1.1
    What's new:
    • Fixed Permission ( Duplicated/Wrong Permissions)
    • Deleted Unused codes
    • Added Sounds when Right click on sign command
    • Added Particles when Right click on sign command
    • Enable/Disable Sounds
    • Enable/Disable Particles
    •• New Requirements ( Skellett & SkRayFall ) ( Download )
    • Any Suggeestions ( Comment in Plugin Discussion )

    Known bugs:
    ○ Duplicated IDs have some issues with checking if ID is used or not example.. if ID "test" is used you will not be able to use ID "test" and "tes" "te" and "t", So that mean make your IDs different ( Will be fixed soon :emoji_slight_smile: )


    » If there is any bug/issue please PM me or post it on Discussion
    » And know that 5 stars always gets full support :emoji_slight_smile:

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