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Script Neon Anticheat || Packet Detections BETA-3.2

Neon Anticheat || Packet Detections || Amazing Flight detections

  1. Update [BETA-2.2]

    Fixed Bug where Autoblock would flag after blocking and disconnecting
    Improved Timer Check (PacketPlayOutPosition + Sensitivity)
    Improved SelfDamage (onGround damage)
    Improved Criticals Check
    Improved PingSpoof Check (Same Key Check, No Ping)
    Improved Neon Command

    Added NoGround Nofall Check
    Added InventoryMove check (False Flagging, fixed thanks to LIWK)
    Added NoSlowDown Check
  2. Update [BETA-2.1]

    Fixed Bug where breaking blocks while blocking would flag AutoBlock.
    Fixed Bug where NoFall would flag on top of Fence gates, fences, Cobblestone walls, & beds.
    Fixed Bug where SelfDamage would flag when falling onto slabs.
    Fixed Bug where Flight Y would flag when pushed up while on piston.
    Fixed Bug where CPS would flag when using a fishing rod.
    Fixed Bug where FastPlace would flag when placing leaves.
    Improved NoRotations Check.
    Improved Reach Check.
    Improved NoSwing Check....
  3. Update [BETA-2.0]

    Made '/Neon Alerts' also toggle alerts (on/off).
    Fixed Bug where Criticals would flag the opponent.
    Improved InvalidPackets check, shouldn't flag on block edges anymore.
    Improved NoFall check (3.0), shouldn't flag on block edges anymore.
    Improved Reach check slightly.
    Improved Killaura check slightly.
    Improved Neon command & Sub command color's.
  4. Update [BETA-1.8]

    Changed Passanger -> Player in Vehicle Check
    Improved FastPlace Check
    Improved Reach Check

    Added LagBack settings (off by default)
    Added NoRotation Check
    Added SelfHit Check
    Added MultiAura Check
    Added NoSwing Check
    Added Criticals Check
  5. Update [BETA-1.8]

    Fixed Bug where Creative & fly would flag Packet Flight
    Fixed Bug where chat would be spammed with join/Quit when Banned
    Improved Killaura Check
    Rewrote Reach Check (With HitBox Factorization)
    Made some commands clickable in chat.

    Added Simple AutoBlock check.
    Added Build Reach check.
    Added Fast Place check.
    Added Violations check command.
    Added Violations clear command....
  6. Update [BETA-1.7]

    Fixed Bug where bow's would flag Reach.
    Improved PingSpoof.
    Improved NoFall (Movement) once again.

    Added Vanilla Flight Packet check.
    Added InvalidInv Check, should flag InventoryCleaner, AutoArmor, Scaffold ...etc.
    Added BookExploit crasher check.
    Added Weird Packets check.
  7. Update [BETA-1.6]

    Improved TimerB should flag less with lag.
    Improved FastBow shouldn't false flag anymore.
    Improved NoFall (Movement) should flag less.
    Patched InvalidPackets flagging when standing still.
    Patched Bug where console alerts would be spammed by multiple players.
    Patched Bug where console alerts would have CPS display.

    Added Ban alerts to console & player's.
    Added Permission message to Neon command.
  8. Update [BETA-1.5]

    Semi-Fixed NoFall (Movement) from Extreme Flagging
    Patched Cactus Flagging NoFall (Movement)
    Improved the Color of the Neon command

    Added Setting where alerts can be sent to the Console (off be default)
    Added Status check command (Banned/Unbanned)
    Added Unban command (Player)
    Added new Check Category (Other)
    Added FastBow (Combat)
    Added FastEat (Other)
    Added InvalidRotations (Movement)
    Added Download button to Neon command...
  9. Update & Hotfix [BETA-1.4]

    Fixed "/Neon Version", displaying outdated version since (Neon 1.0)
    Fixed NoFall Movement flagging randomly
    Renamed Timer to TimerA
    Changed clearing variable's to deleting variable's instead, thanks to (LIWK)

    Added Self Damage Check
    Added Timer Check B
    LIWK likes this.
  10. Update [BETA-1.3]

    Improved Reach check
    Removed Flag and replaced it with VL inside of FlagLegitCPS and nonCPS
    Removed FlagFalseNoCPS & FlagFalseCPS
    Improved InvalidPacket's flagging on slabs

    Added Second NoFall check should patch most bypasses.
    Added Ban settings for Violations / Max VL's.
    Added Variable Deletion, Should clear all variables once disconnected.
    Added Sprint Check to Reach.

    Make Reach check from the nearest point of the victim's hitbox.