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  1. G

    35 block launch

    at what speed do I need to push a player at for them to be launched exactly 35 blocks. ask no questions nvm, I figured it out. 2.9 how do I mark this as solved?
  2. G

    Skript Speed Issue

    Hello! I'm currently working on a dungeon-crawler type server. One of the items that mages are going to be able to use is called the "Ghost Cloak". The skript for it isn't working so great. Here is what I have: command /ghostcloak: permission: op permission message: "&cYou do not have...
  3. ItsMCB

    Solved Block Speed Effect

    Hi there! I want players to have a swiftness three effect when they are in the world guard region of spawn and touching black concrete. It loads with no errors but doesn't work. Any ideas on how I can fix it? Thanks! every 2 ticks: loop all players: if "%region at all players%"...
  4. Etho

    Script Neon Anticheat || Packet Detections BETA-3.2

    • Introduction: What is Neon AntiCheat? Neon AntiCheat is a TPS friendly AntiCheat built in Skript. It is my Third AntiCheat I've made. Neon is a successor of Cryantic AntiCheat which didn't implement certain things such as Reach + Ping Factorization. Everything in Neon is also recoded and not...
  5. I

    Get speed of player

    Ok so i am making a script where I want to get the speed of the player so i can know if he/she is using speed hacks I just wanted to ask you guys: are there any way that you can get the speed of a player?
  6. O

    Trying to make skill point redeem thing {HELP}

    command /redeem [<text>]: permission: redeem.player trigger: if arg-1 is "speed": if {skillpoints::%uuid of player%} >= 1: set {speed::%uuid of player%} to the player's walk speed add 0.1 to {speed::%uuid of player%}...