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Script Neon Anticheat || Packet Detections BETA-2.9

Neon Anticheat || Packet Detections || TPS Friendly

  1. Etho
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • Introduction:
    What is Neon AntiCheat? Neon AntiCheat is a TPS friendly AntiCheat built in Skript. It is my Third AntiCheat I've made. Neon is a successor of Cryantic AntiCheat which didn't implement certain things such as Reach + Ping Factorization. Everything in Neon is also recoded and not straight copied from Cryantic. At the moment Neon contains 44 Checks that include 11 Combat checks, 25 Movement checks, 5 Exploit checks, and 3 Other checks. Now Neon isn't meant to be the perfect AntiCheat ever, Neon does have it's flaws, but you can fully change it to what ever you want, but you cannot re upload it or claim it as your Anticheat.

    • Detections:
    Flight (OnGround)
    Flight (Speed)
    Flight (Hover)
    Flight (+Y)
    Bhop (OnGround, Speed, YPort, Motion, Unusual Hight, YPort2, Unusual Landing, and Extra +Y)
    Nofall (Invalid Packets)
    Nofall2 (Movement)
    Nofall3 (NoGround)
    Self Damage (Movement)
    Invalid Rotations
    Vanilla Flight Packet
    InvalidInventory (InvalidInv)
    InventorySimulate (Inventory Achievement Packet)

    Killaura (Not from Cryantic [New])
    Reach (With HitBox factorization)
    AutoBlock (Release Spam)

    Timer(Packet Choking, Blink)
    Invalid Packets
    Weird Packets
    Crasher Check

    Build Reach

    • Support:
    For Support contact me on discord @ EthoCryantic#2808, I'll be happy to help you with issues you encounter. (Support for New Versions will be ignored for now) or you can Join Neon's new discord! (https://discord.gg/5rhDpXs)

    • Tested Server Software:

    • Commands:
    /Neon (n aliases)
    /Neon Alerts (on/off) # Enables alerts for your account.
    /Neon Version # Gets Neon's current version, and checks for updates.
    /Neon Player Violations (Player) # Gets the player's total violation count.
    /Neon Player Status (Player) # Checks if the player's banned by Neon
    /Neon Player Unban (Player) # Unbans a player from Neon.
    /Neon Player Clear (Player) # Clears the player's current Violation.

    • Pictures: (BETA-2.8 Outdated Picture, things can change!)
    • Pictures: (BETA-1.0
    Outdated Picture, things can change!)
    Neon4.png Neon5.png

    • Dependencies:
    • Skript 2.2-dev37c
    • SkQuery 3.6.2-Lime
    • Skellet 1.9.6b

Recent Reviews

    Version: BETA-2.5
    Nice Try! Frequent updates.
    BTW could i republish this script on Chinese Forum
    to make more people know this excellent script
    Of course i will mark you as the author and attach the original
    download link on republish page
  2. coolpvpv1
    Version: BETA-2.1
    cool but still the reach check falses a ton lol even after all the updates
    1. Etho
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the Review.
  3. thewolf
    Version: BETA-1.9
    Good Scripted Anticheat , I don't see a lot of false positives only Timer and PingSpoof
    1. Etho
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the Review.
  4. thewolf
    Version: BETA-1.8
    It's a good Anticheat for the script but there are a few false flags that I see, I see that timer false flags and pingspoof false flags a lot for doing nothing or just sitting still. Killaura doesn't detect me. Kinda doesnt detect infi reach on sigma client
    1. Etho
      Author's Response
      Regarding the false flags for Timer & PingSpoof I plan on improving these in the future, and I've been focusing more on Combat modules lately so most likely I'll introduce a new Killaura check soon.

      Thanks for the Review.
  5. LIWK
    Version: BETA-1.3
    Delete variables instead of clearing. It will ipromve performance.
    1. Etho
      Author's Response
      Alright I'll make sure to fix that, I'm gonna need to upload a Hotfix soon since I screwed up some other stuff so I'll make sure to include that.

      Thanks for the Review.
  6. Govindas
    Version: BETA-1.2
    setting variables to false instead of deleting them, not using list variables, full of huge memory leaks with the way how functions are used (it was fixed in newer skript versions, which won't work on 1.8 for which this anticheat is meant for)

    and overall this script is written with a huge lack of programming knowledge, some things won't even work properly which the author has written, due to the code having mistakes.
  7. Wizzardr
    Version: BETA-1.2

    What is the point of using packets if you are using timespans, first use Sketch for movements (same as Sully anticheat) why, cuz if you lag it will be the same movements.
    Everything is falsable on your anticheat, and i mean EVERYTHING. if you want a skript anticheat dont use this one and use Sully it will do the job way better
    1. Etho
      Author's Response
      Timespans are a lot more efficient than using on tick/second variable counting, I don't even know really what you mean by using Sketch as a movement check?, and I've never used Sully or have seen in it use before, If Sully is a Skript anticheat that means its falseable, every Skript Anticheat is falseable, and please do not direct people to a different Anticheat that isn't on the forums.
  8. LIWK
    Version: BETA-1.2
    Combat checks are bad but movement checks are ok, but you don't delete your variables and that causes lag. Reach falses very often.
    1. Etho
      Author's Response
      Yes I agree with the combat checks could be a lot better including reach, but many things such as vectors are very restricted in skript so implementing something such as hitbox reach detection is kinda hard.

      Regarding deleting variables I'm planning on updating the Anticheat.

      Thanks for the Review.
  9. coolpvpv1
    Version: BETA-1.1
    cool but pingspoof and timer still false alot when the server tps drops or you have high ping to with those two combos i was falsing pingspoof and timer alot and invaildpackets a little bit
    1. Etho
      Author's Response
      Regarding the Server TPS I would need to add a extra Dependency like Ticker to get the TPS, since the tps expression is only supported on PaperSpigot.

      Regarding the False flagging with PingSpoof, Timer, and InvalidPackets I will do further testing to find the issues.
  10. coolpvpv1
    Version: BETA-1.0
    cool but reach doesn't work i put 8 block reach on no flags at all and if you have the permission for alerts for neon but you still cant do /neon alerts it says you dont have permission timed out should be called timer etc
    1. Etho
      Author's Response
      Weird, I don't know why reach wouldn't work I'll look into it.
      Regarding the Permissions Neon has two, One for alerts and one for the command. For the command 'Neon.Anticheat' and for the
      alerts its 'Neon.Notify'.

      Thanks for the Review.