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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.8
• Introduction:
What is Neon AntiCheat? Neon AntiCheat is a TPS friendly AntiCheat built in Skript. It is my Third AntiCheat I've made. Neon is a successor of Cryantic AntiCheat which didn't implement certain things such as Reach + Ping Factorization. Everything in Neon is also recoded and not straight copied from Cryantic. At the moment Neon contains 49 Checks that include 14 Combat checks, 27 Movement checks, 5 Exploit checks, and 3 Other checks. Now Neon isn't meant to be the perfect AntiCheat ever, Neon does have it's flaws, but you can fully change it to what ever you want, but you cannot re upload it or claim it as your Anticheat.

• Detections:
Flight (NoMotion)
Flight (Hover)
Flight (+Y)
Flight (OnGround)
Bhop (Recurring Motion, Weird -Y Motion, OnGround Speed, OffGround Speed, Weird +Y Motion, Weird Y, Invalid Server Y, LowHop, Extra +Y, Constant Y)
Nofall (Invalid Packets)
Nofall2 (Movement)
Nofall3 (NoGround)
Self Damage (Movement)
Invalid Rotations
Vanilla Flight Packet
InvalidInventory (InvalidInv)
InventorySimulate (Inventory Achievement Packet)

Killaura (Not from Cryantic)
Reach (With HitBox factorization)
Cps (Recurring CPS)
AutoBlock (Release Spam)
Criticals (Time between crit/packet)

Timer(Packet Choking, Blink)
Invalid Packets
Weird Packets
Crasher Check
Extra Packets

Build Reach

• Support:
No longer supported and or cared about.

• Tested Server Software:

• Permissions (Default Permissions)
- Neon.Anticheat (Neon command permission).
- Neon.Notify (Neon Notifications, you need this to get notifications).
- Neon.Kick.Bypass (Bypass Kicks/Bans from Neon).

• Commands:
/Neon (n aliases)
/Neon Alerts (on/off) # Enables alerts for your account.
/Neon Version # Gets Neon's current version, and checks for updates.
/Neon Player Violations (Player) # Gets the player's total violation count.
/Neon Player Stats (Player) # Checks Player's Ping / TPS / and banned status
/Neon Player Unban (Player) # Unbans a player from Neon.
/Neon Player Clear (Player) # Clears the player's current Violation.

• Pictures: (BETA-2.8 Outdated Picture, things can change!)


• Pictures: (BETA-1.0
Outdated Picture, things can change!)

• Dependencies:
• Skript 2.2-dev37c
• SkQuery 3.6.2-Lime
• Skellett 1.9.6b
First release
Last update
3.22 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Patch Update [BETA-3.2]

    Update: Fixed Bug where MultiAura would flag when using Potions(Harming), on multiple entities...
  2. Patch Update [BETA-3.1]

    Update: Fixed Bug where SelfHurt would flag when using Potions(Harming), Bug submitted by...
  3. Huge Update [BETA-3.0]

    Update: Fixed Bug where Autoblock would flag while in creative mode. Fixed Bug where...

Latest reviews

Just found more falses lol if you put a boat on blocks then stand under the block then break it so the boat is on ur head then jump while the boat is one ur head it flags flight. if you go up a block with ladders it flags fly. or vines using a piston and a lever and standing on the piston and push urself up and spam it, it flags flight. there is some press good bypasses with lime hacked client check it out if you have time.
You still don't get the point, you're still using timestamps, that's so retarded this is not how you will get accurate movement detection, because you're using the server lag to interprate a player movement create a variable x, y, z that you will refresh each movement (on move or packet if you're not dumb), and create _x, _y and _z before the others to compare them and do a hypot using this simple formula to get acurate horizontal movement speed:

set {_speed} to sqrt((({_x} - {x}) * ({_x} - {x})) + (({_z} - {z}) * ({_z} - {z})))
Almost alright. Still not using lists, depends on an outdated and unsupported version of Skript, along with SkQuery and Skellett (which is misspelled in the dependencies section).

What infuriates me about this is that it's advertised as "TPS friendly": It's everything but. It triggers an event 60 TIMES PER SECOND PER PLAYER with its 3 "on any move" -events.
If you're lucky, you can keep your server at 18 tps with two players...
Yes your correct with just about everything you've stated.

Here's an explanation of why I do some stuff. The only reason that it doesn't use list variables is because I initially wrote Neon without using them, which I stuck to, (some of my newer projects use them now), the reason I use an older version of Skript is because I'm more confident in the 1.8 - 1.8.9 version of Minecraft (regarding the outdated versions of Skellett / SkQuery, 1. Skellett has removed packets in newer versions + newer versions of SkQuery will most likely work), and the TPS Friendly tag. I have tried my best to optimize the Anticheat / do timing reports etc but I should've really removed that once I updated past BETA-1.2 the original aim of Neon was to be a light weight Anticheat but it just ended up being a clunky mess.

Note to everyone: I'm most likely not gonna be updating the Anticheat anymore, there's a low low chance I might rewrite for 1k downloads just don't get your hopes to high. + I've moved on to Java Anticheats which are so much better and don't drop your TPS below 15 24/7.
found another bug: if you splash a harming potion on multiple entities it flags killaura, multiaura, and norotations
Alright, should be fixed in the next update/patch
Thanks for the Review.
decent but if you splash a harming potion on yourself it flags selfhurt and noswing
Should be fixed in next patch
Thanks for the Review.
Nice Try! Frequent updates.
BTW could i republish this script on Chinese Forum
to make more people know this excellent script
Of course i will mark you as the author and attach the original
download link on republish page
cool but still the reach check falses a ton lol even after all the updates
Thanks for the Review.
Good Scripted Anticheat , I don't see a lot of false positives only Timer and PingSpoof
Thanks for the Review.
It's a good Anticheat for the script but there are a few false flags that I see, I see that timer false flags and pingspoof false flags a lot for doing nothing or just sitting still. Killaura doesn't detect me. Kinda doesnt detect infi reach on sigma client
Regarding the false flags for Timer & PingSpoof I plan on improving these in the future, and I've been focusing more on Combat modules lately so most likely I'll introduce a new Killaura check soon.

Thanks for the Review.
Delete variables instead of clearing. It will ipromve performance.
Alright I'll make sure to fix that, I'm gonna need to upload a Hotfix soon since I screwed up some other stuff so I'll make sure to include that.

Thanks for the Review.